Shutterfly Custom Logo Program

How to replace the Shutterfly Logo with your own Logo! Custom Logo

Qualifying for a custom logo
To qualify for a customized logo to be placed on the back of non-licensed Photo Books non-designer Greeting Cards, or Calendars, you must be a Pro Gallery member. Learn more.

Here’s how to submit your logo to us!
Just send your logo to in the TIFF sRGB file format. It must fit within the dimensions of 1200 × 1200 pixels on a white background.

In your email please include your Shutterfly email address in the subject line so we know what Shutterfly account to add your logo to in case you have multiple Shutterfly accounts or are emailing from a different email address.

Terms and Conditions:
We can not fix logos and you are responsible for the quality of your logo. Shutterfly reserves the right to reject your logo based on poor image quality, insufficient file size or dimension, the font is too small or is simply in the wrong file format. Due to the busy nature of our lab, we only have time for one correction if there is something wrong with your logo.

Notification of when you can order your products with your logo on the back:
We will send you an email to let you know that your logo was successfully installed within your Shutterfly account. Once you have sent us your logo, we need at least 2 business days to install it, so please wait for us to notify you that your logo has been added to your account before you place your order. It is recommended that you order a sample before placing your large order.

Your logo is permanently a part of your Shutterfly account and Pro Gallery:
Please keep in mind that once a logo has been installed in your account it will appear on the back and center of all non-licensed Photo Books, Calendars, and non-designer Greeting Cards ordered from this account as well as Note Cards ordered from your Pro Gallery for all time.

Don’t forget to utilize your customized business logo for your business cards.

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