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Fall Table Decor Ideas and Photos

As quick as a blink, fall is upon us. Soon you and your family will be gathered around the table sharing a lovely meal and creating new memories together. Did you know that you can take your fall table from casual to elegant with just a few simple decor pieces?

Whether you are preparing for Thanksgiving or just a fun night in with your closest friends, we’ve got a few fall table decor tips to impress your guests! We’ve even included some fun printable place cards to make things a little easier while setting the table

Fall Table Decor Ideas

There are many creative items you can place on your fall table–pumpkins, candles, pine cones and vintage bottles are great additions to your decor. All of these items below are very affordable and can be found in any craft store and flower shop.

Additionally, using bold colors makes a big difference as well. Remember to get creative with your flower choices. Fall does come with beautiful orange hues but check your local flower shop. You’d be surprised at all the different varieties of flowers and greens you can find.

Elements of a Fall Table

Although there are no major rules to setting a table, there are a few necessary elements to keep in mind. Below we have highlighted what you will need for the perfect table setting. Remember, no matter what you are serving, these items are key for a successful dinner party.

A more elegant event such as a wedding usually requires a bit more items: two spoons, three forks, three glasses, three plates and two knives. Check out these guides to get a better idea of what you need, depending on your event.  

The elements on your table can vary depending on what kind of theme you have, but the table usually contains all of the following:

What Centerpiece Works Best for Your Table?

Depending on the size of your dinner party or the table you have at hand, there are certain centerpieces that work better than others. Below we have highlighted three different centerpiece ideas: grouping, line and standalone.

Line Centerpiece

A line centerpiece can be quite easy to create. You’ll need a personalized table runner for maximum effect, however you can also get away with just lining up items right in the center of the table. It’s fun to create a fall line centerpiece using pretty branches, leaves, candles and flowers.

Grouping Centerpiece

As mentioned above, a grouped centerpiece works best for square or round tables. Grouping consists of taking individual items such as bottles, pumpkins, cutting board and candles and placing them in the center.

Standalone Centerpiece

A standalone centerpiece is the most common, mainly because you only need one decorative piece to work with. A vase filled with flowers creates the perfect inviting table. Remember to get creative with your flower choices.

Tables sizes and shapes

Whether you have a round, rectangle or square table, your centerpiece should always enhance your decor. Always make sure to not block someone’s view with a large piece that hangs low; larger items should stand tall on the table.

As you can see, creating the perfect fall table can make a huge difference when entertaining. Personalizing your table with pretty candles and place settings will create a warm and welcoming environment for your guests. Don’t forget to download our printable place cards!