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18 Ways to Display Christmas Cards in 2017

Christmas is coming and that means the festive holiday cards are on their merry way too. A trip to the mailbox anytime after Thanksgiving is usually more exciting than most. As you sift through bills and unwanted ads you probably have hopes of coming across a cute photo of your friends’ kids and seeing how much they’ve grown. The first few Christmas cards you receive will get a guaranteed spot on the living room mantle or maybe the refrigerator, but what about all the others? Save your mantle the clutter and give all of your holiday greeting cards the proper recognition they deserve by creating a fun Christmas card display. You can turn Christmas cards into Christmas decoration ideas in minutes.

Apart from showing off your Christmas card sayings, these DIY Christmas card holder ideas also make for great decorative pieces for the 2017 holiday season. Whether you are looking to create a Christmas card holder that matches the theme of your living room décor or add a touch of the season to just about any space, these ideas for how to display Christmas cards are sure to do the trick.

How to Display Christmas Cards: Clipped On

It’s clear that your friends and family put a lot of thought into their holiday greetings. Between figuring out what to write in a Christmas card and taking a family photo, one thing that’s for sure is that it was no easy task getting their card to you. Show your cards the appreciation they deserve and use these ideas on how to display Christmas cards to create a display that you and your guests can enjoy.

Ribbon Display: Whether it’s a wall or even the back of a door, it’s easy to put up a ribbon display almost anywhere. Simply gather up your favorite type of ribbon, some form of wall adhesive and clips. You only need a few items to create this easy clip on Holiday card display. Plus, if there is a flat space in your home that could use some holiday cheer, this card display is the answer. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Unspool the ribbon until you have about 2 feet in length and cut it. Make sure that you have enough ribbon to fit all of your cards. For a pretty touch you can cut a nice design into the ribbon as well.
  2. Hang the ribbon. Using a piece of wall adhesive or double sided tape go ahead and hang the ribbon where ever you desire. You can hang the pieces vertically or horizontally, but if you are hanging more than one make sure that you space them apart. Get creative in terms of where you decide to show off your holiday cards and hang the ribbon between windows, doorways, on your kitchen cabinets or behind dining room table chairs. Don’t be afraid to add in a few seasonal props and hang your ribbon between skis, on a sled or in an empty frame.
  3. Attach the cards to the ribbon. You have the option of using a variety of different tools to attach your cards. Utilize clothespins, binder clips, paper clips, or any type of push pin that will make it easy to move the greetings around and add more cards as you receive them. For a clean and polished look, hang your cards equal distance from each other. If you are going for a more relaxed feel, you can hang the cards as you please.

The best part about this Christmas card display idea is that you can use any colored ribbon, twine, burlap, lights or fabric and hang it in any way that you’d like. Your DIY Christmas card holder is all about customization. Get creative and hang the ribbon in a Christmas themed shaped like a star or Christmas tree. This display can make any blank space pop.

How to Display Christmas Cards: Shutters and Frames

Rustic Christmas Card Holder: Using old window shutters or empty frames to display your Christmas cards will give your home a rustic holiday feel. Not to mention, the slats in the shutters make for the perfect perch for your holiday greetings. Sand down the splinters and paint the piece any color you’d like or even leave it as is. Next, hang the shutter wherever you’d like and start adorning with your holiday greetings. Empty frames also make for a great Christmas greeting focal point. Use ribbon, twine or any string to hang between the two sides of an old picture frame. Make sure you leave some slack between both sides so the ribbon hangs nicely. Next, attach your Christmas greetings using clothespins or paper clips and finally, hang your frame for all to see.

How to Display Christmas Cards: Garland Ideas

Showcasing your holiday cards along Christmas garland will really spruce up your home for the holidays. The classic garland look has Christmas written all over it and can be displayed over doors, along mantles, along fences and even up stairways.  These are some creative ways to display Christmas cards.

Christmas Card Display Ideas: Taped, Tacked and Hung

Utilizing items or pieces you have around the house to hold or hang your Christmas cards can be an easy solution to your Christmas card clutter. Adding a touch of the holidays to your kitchen cork board or hallway bulletin won’t take much time and will still do your cards justice.

 Simple Ways to Display Christmas Cards

These are a few simple ways to display Christmas cards if you are running short on time or if you don’t feel particularly crafty.

Christmas Card Display Ideas for Anywhere

Wreath Display: Attach your Christmas cards to a wreath form or you can adhere your christmas cards onto the wall or blank surface in the shape of a wreath. You can also use a full wreath or a live Christmas wreath, just take some clothespins and clip your cards on.

Tree Branch Vase Display: This Christmas card holder project makes for one of the most attractive displays. Just go outside and find a few branches. Once you’re back inside, cut the branches so that they are about the same size. Put them in a vase and adorn with your cute cards and diy and handcrafted christmas ornaments. Add a red bow around the vase and your display will really shine.

Jingle Bells: Large jingle bells are great to use for single card displays. Use multiple bells in different colors or patterns to create an arrangement of cards. The bells and cards are all you need for this project since the slits in the bells work wonders for propping up your cards.

Mason Jars: Hot glue clothespins to longer sticks and then stick them in a mason jar. Attach your cards to the clothespins to show them off. This display is perfect for your Christmas dinner tabletop centerpiece or for a table in your doorway.

The exchanging of annual Christmas cards provides a cherished way for friends and family members to stay in touch during the holiday season. Although a longstanding tradition, busy lifestyles and advances in technology are making it more and more difficult to create and send an annual Christmas card. Make sure that you cherish the Christmas wishes you do receive this year with a fun and creative Holiday card display.