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Handcrafted and detailed with a photo charm, this antiqued sterling-silver plated photo bracelet will be a treasured keepsake.

  • Select a close-up headshot—or use our crop tool to zoom-in
  • Waterproof charm is finished with a UV-resistant glossy coating to protect and permanently seal the photo
  • Arrives in a jewelry pouch
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What the Heck Happened? I purchased a silver bracelet a while ago and it is amazing, so when I received an email stating they were half off right now I decided to get another one. What I received is a piece of bubble gum machine junk. Doesn't have a stamp. The picture is sunk in. Every loop in the chain is open ended. I am so upset right now. I was looking forward to my bracelet and I would have rather not even made one then to get this garbage in the mail. It is half the weight. The loop on top of it was put on off-center and sloppy, so there is soder all around it. The charm is uneven. Overall it is a waste of money. February 4, 2014
Really Gone Downhill For the past several years, I have received a photo bracelet or necklace as a gift for my birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc. When I received a couple of bracelets for Christmas this year, I was extremely disappointed. There was an obvious difference in quality from last year to this year, and it was not for the better. Can you say cheap!?! I will be taking the charm off of the bracelets I just received and attaching them to the better quality bracelet I received as a previous gift. Needless to say, I do not know if I will be asking for any more charms as future presents unless something is done about the quality. December 30, 2013
Cheaply Made, Poor Quality I cannot believe I didn't look at the reviews for this product before buying it. The metal chain is very thin, lightweight, and lower quality than the play jewelry that my daughters play with. The photo charm came with indentations and a bubble in whatever plastic coating is used to keep the photo inside. Please do not be fooled by the product photography, as this is not a well crafted item. I would rather Shutterfly charge more for a nicer chain and make sure that their quality assurance people are inspecting the products for defects before they are shipped out. December 18, 2013
Photo Bracelet disappointment I was so excited to get my bracelet and when it it finally came in the mail I was VERY disappointed. For the price, I would expect better quality. The metal is cheap and the bracelet it poorly put together. I actually think that I could get a better quality bracelet at one of those $5 stores. The picture quality was so-so but I actually don't expect the bracelet to last long enough for that to matter. I haven't even had it one day and I've already had to push the metal rings together numerous times to stop the bracelet from falling apart.... SAD and disappointed. December 4, 2013
So bummed I love photo gifts, these are always a huge hit on holidays/bdays. I ordered the key chain a few years ago and it was made fantastically and has held up perfectly. This year I decided I would give the bracelet a disappointing! All the holding links are loose after 3 days of wear, now I'm not wearing it for fear of losing the entire thing. The charm it's self is great....the bracelet is junk and maybe even a bit worse then that.....50$ later I am now looking for a better bracelet to put the charm on. I never expected to see such a poor quality from Shutterfly, spec with this price. I am wondering, some of the older great reviews, if maybe they had a better product and have just got cheap and junky now? November 23, 2013
Very Disappointed I have to start by saying I love the Shutterfly photo gifts but this one was very disappointing! The quality isn't very good and they also arrived with rust on the end of the toggles. The photo bracelet is a great idea but Shutterfly needs to find a better quality bracelet for the price. I would say currently they should only charge $19.95 the way it is now. Also Shutterfly's customer service is fantastic. I called as soon as I received the bracelets and saw the condition they were in. They quickly replaced them for me. Thank You Debbie in customer Service:) May 15, 2013
read reviews! Wow! I am soooo glad I read all of the reviews before ordering this for my mother, MIL and SIL!! I am a repeat customer of shutterfly but I am very saddened that you would produce such low quality items. I will not be ordering any of these now. And I also agree, the ability to add charms would be much better. April 25, 2013
Very Cheap I bought one of these last year and it was SO SO nice and made of real sterling silver. I bought this one and it is soooooo cheap feeling and is SILVER PLATED. I did not see this anywhere in the description. What happened Shutterfly??? I guess I should've read the reviews of others before I made this purchase. :-( VERY disappointed. March 12, 2013
Horrible cheap quality So I have ordered so much from Shutterfly with huge excitement and this one was of no exception. I couldn't wait to see it. Only to be dissappointed by how dull and cheap it looks and feels. My husband and I both agreed that most toys out of quarter machines seem to be of a heavier and shinier material. This was so sad receiving such a cheap quality product. I read the reviews and assumed that maybe some are just so picky and that isnt the case. It is worth no more than five dollars and felt embarrassed to have spent so much and something the looks sooo cheap. Will surely not be ordering the necklace considering I had plans to do so. Dont waste a dollar on this bracelet. February 14, 2013
fell cheated I bought one of these for mymom a couple of years ago. It was a heavy, quality sterling bracelet. I decided to get one for myself for my bday this year. It is a completely different bracelet. Very cheap. Feels like plastic. It made me sad. I was so excited to get the same bracelet I had ordered before and was very disappointed. February 1, 2013
Junk I should have read the reviews before I purchased this piece of junk. I totally agree with AMHI and other disappointed buyers of this project. While the picture charm is very cute, the braclet itself is junk. Mine came with black marks on it and not shiny at all. I ordered this to give to my daughter as a special 30th birthday gift, but not now. My advise, look elsewhere. February 1, 2013
More Charms I ordered this bracelet two years ago when I had my second daughter. I love the braclett and quality is great. I have been asking Shutterfly for two years to sell additional charms so I can add pictures as my daughter grows. However, I do not want cheap silver plated. I agree with everyone else, more charms better quality! January 28, 2013
Seriously disappointed I have several charms from Shutterfly that WERE sterling silver for $49.99, now they're a cheap plated material, very junky. It's sad, I logged on today to order 3 more charms, but I'll be getting none now. I had been collecting them for 4 years and was looking forward to starting a bracelet for my daughter to be, but I'll be looking elsewhere. January 24, 2013
SHOCKED! Complete Garbage! I ordered a Sterling Silver Bracelet in July and it is beautiful! It even says 925 (which means silver) on the back of it. I lOVE IT! I then thought because I love it so, I will buy some for Christmas presents. I didn't pay attention to the "silver plate" statement on the web site now and I ordered them OMG was I shocked when I opened the boxes. First of all they are in little pouches now, all tangled up! and the photos are super light/washed out, not the color of the actual photo. The silver plate is dull and ugly. Very very dissapointed! I am sending these back. I purchase ALOT from Shutterfly, I hope they fix this. I am going to tell them when I email them about my return. January 17, 2013
The Photo Jewlery I love the concept but would order the necklace or the bracelet if I could get more than one charm/pic. Thanks-H January 16, 2013
Need more charms per bracelet I was about to order this when I realized I cannot get two charms on one bracelet. So I canceled. Why don't you offer a multi-charm option or a charm with no bracelet, and I willl atttach it myself? January 15, 2013
Received as a gift I had a baby in October and received this bracelet with his picture on the charm as a Xmas gift from a family member. I absolutely love it and wear it everyday. I just wish you could add more charms...!!! January 10, 2013
ADD more Charms PLEASE Thought about ordering for my daughter and then discovered only one charm Available and my daughter has two boys. Please make more charms available. January 9, 2013
unhappy camper i ordered the photo bracelet as a Christmas gift for my sister. The photo charm is very nice, but unfortunately i can not say the same about the bracelet itself. the bracelet is very cheap it look like something that you get out of a children's toy department. December 18, 2012
More charms I gave my mom this bracelet last year for her birthday and she loves it. She just asked me for 3 more charms for Christmas to include more of her granddaughters. Now I have to tell her it is not possible. Please consider offering them. Great chance for repeat sales! December 11, 2012
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