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Photo coasters are a stylish way to display your favorite memories

  • Available in sets of four, with a different photo on each coaster
  • Great for cocktails or hot drinks, with no-slip cork backing
  • Create different sets to highlight trips, seasons, school years and more
  • For a unique wedding gift, give a set of coasters with a bottle of bubbly and for the holidays give a set with hot cocoa
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amazing I have ordered 3 sets of these coasters by now and each time I am truly impressed. This last set was for my Mom for Mother's Day. I am so excited to share such a beautiful, personalized product with someone I love. I highly recommend this. The picture I attached makes it seem as if the pictures are blurry but that is from my camera because the pictures are clear. February 7, 2014
Beautiful I ordered some coasters for my father for Valentine's Day. Wow! They are beautiful. They printed my photos beautifully, and they are printed on such high quality material. It is the same type of quality that I have learned to expect from Shutterfly. The only minor thing that I would caution you about is that the creation tool used to make them can be a bit of a pain- definitely edit your photographs before uploading them. Overall, I'm giving it five stars, because the quality of the coasters so exceeded my expectations. They are truly wonderful! February 7, 2014
Makes a great gift I made 2 different sets of these to give as gifts and they are very nice. One set arrived perfectly- the other set was not correct. The pictures arrived with the heads chopped off- so I put in a quick call to Shutterfly and they made another set and sent them to me over-night and they arrived on Christmas eve- just in time to be wrapped and given the next morning. Everyone LOVED them. You do need to know that the brighter your picture the better they look. Also the cork is only the bottom (it is what touches your table- not the cup/drink) - the top of the photo/coaster is HARD - so it does not absorb liquid. So if you are looking for a coaster that will absorb condensation this is not for you. Any liquid that drips down off of your cup will just pool on the photo and if there is too much liquid it will run off. They are mainly used for hot coffee mugs, cups that probably won't have condensation, and for decoration. Everyone that sees them loves them and comments on how well they are made and how they will definitely last. Great idea and I will probably buy more in the future. February 3, 2014
I love these! These coasters are bright and shiny and stay that way with time. I love them. We use them for hot coffee mugs every day and they are still in great shape!! Highly recommend!! January 24, 2014
Good coasters, but can't crop Color and quality seemed very good. I would order again. Two things that could be improved to make this a 5-star worthy product: - Allow editing/centering by the user. It looks like you should be able to (arrows appear around the edges while editing), but the arrows don't work. Others have commented that you can crop photos into a perfect square and then upload the squares - good workaround for now, though a workaround shouldn't be necessary. I didn't see that tip in time; the auto-cropping was acceptable, but not what I would have wanted if I had been able to choose. - Add ability to save projects January 23, 2014
Disappointed the program would not let me edit the photos and center them. Very disappointed in the product's editting site, this would have been a great gift. January 16, 2014
GREAT quality These are so worth $20... excellent quality. The photos look fabulous on them. January 14, 2014
Beautiful and functional way to display favorite family photos Shutterfly's cropping/zooming software is a little sketchy when making coasters. I recommend cropping your four chosen photos into perfect squares, uploading, and then using those photos, rather than trying to get the system to cooperate with you. The end-product is gorgeous. Glossy, with a nice solid feel (but not so solid that they'll do damage if your toddler thinks they are toys that must be thrown, which is why we decided to pack up our old stone coasters!) We love these so much we've decided to order a new batch of four every year, with our four favorite family pictures. It's a great way to have physical pictures in your home to show off your family pictures, without the pretentiousness of a 40-page photo book! January 13, 2014
Awesome ordered these as a christmas gift for a friend. they turned out great. Didnt resize any pictures and they all turned out perfect. Color and picture quality was great. Will order again. :) January 3, 2014
Great quality These coasters really exceeded my expectations, they are high quality hard plastic on top with a decent thickness, and have a good weight to them! I customized them as a wedding gift, and was really hoping they wouldn't look cheap: and they didn't! I read people had trouble with the program choosing where to crop, I just made them the proper square size in a simple paint program to get around that issue! This made a great gift item, would highly recommend! December 26, 2013
coasters I ordered these for my mom for Christmas, as she is really big on using coasters.. they turned out great! The colors are very vibrant and they are larger than I expected!! December 23, 2013
Awesome ! They come out really perfect. I'm happy with what I commanded. December 20, 2013
Great gift! I ordered these for a friend, using 4 different photos, and i think they look great! The quality was well above what i was expecting. Have not used them yet with drinks though so cannot comment on their usefulness. December 18, 2013
Didn't even buy them I am surprised by all the good reviews b/c I had the same experience as someone else that I couldn't alter the photo placement on the coaster so I never even ordered them. They have a tool to allow you to move the photo around and zoom in & out but nothing happened when I tried clicking the arrows, over & over and with different photos. Very disappointed, I was excited about this gift. December 9, 2013
artwork coasters I ordered the coasters using artwork my sons made at school (the art teacher scans them into the website Artsonia) and they turned out great! The color is so rich and the coasters are much sturdier than I thought they would be. They are very good quality. The only negative I would say about the coasters is that you can not crop them very well. The coasters are square and the pictures are rectangle and the computer chooses for you what part will be cut out of the final product. December 6, 2013
Thrilled Just received my coasters and they came out fantastic! Would like to be able to save them to My Projects so I could reorder again. December 5, 2013
Coasters are amazing! I ordered these coasters because I thought they were a great price and we needed new coasters--why not some that displayed pictures of our children? I received them today and am more than pleased! They are a great size, and the picture quality is excellent as well. I am now going to order some as a gift for my mother. I would highly recommend them! December 2, 2013
Coasters are Awesome I love my coasters soo much. I have one at work and the other 3 at home and I always get a complement at work and home about my lovely coasters. December 2, 2013
Excellent product!!but... I too- like other customers wish you could save project to reorder and not have to recreate each time. I ordered 2 sets - which were to be 2 DIFFERENT sets of photos- somehow ( perhaps my error????)- I got 2 sets of same photos? However, now to reorder the set I didn't get I need to recreate. The product itself is of the same high quality all shutterfly products are and better than I could have imagined- Shutterfly is my favorite place to shop ! October 29, 2013
Great coasters, exceptional customer service! When I received my set of 4 coasters, one of them had somehow lost the cropping that I had done and had previewed prior to purchasing (it looked great during the review). The coaster looked bad because the photo was way off center -- not only had it been zoomed out, but it appeared to have kept one corner of the cropping so the subject was in the far corner of the coaster. Anyway, I called to complain and they let me replace it free of charge. The new set is perfect and they work great. Thank you, Shutterfly! Also, you cannot save this product under your projects. It's not a big deal, but if you ever want more of the same coasters, you'd have to recreate them. September 23, 2013
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