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It's important to follow these guidelines when submitting your picture so you get the best result.

We want you to be happy with your Wall Decals. In order to ensure your satisfaction, if your picture does not follow all of our picture guidelines we wont be able to complete your order. If your picture is unacceptable based on any of our guidelines, your order will be canceled. You can resubmit your order using a different picture.

Follow these guidelines


  • Keep the entire person(s) or object(s) visible with no edges cropped off.
  • Crop the picture to include only the person(s) or object(s) you want printed.
  • Make sure your picture is in full color with a sufficient resolution of SFLY.WEB.walldecals.resolution pixels.


  • Don't submit a picture lower than SFLY.WEB.walldecals.resolution pixels. No cell phone pictures.
  • Don't submit a picture that has any part of the person(s) or object(s) cropped..
  • Don't submit a picture that is very dark, very light or washed out.
  • Don't submit a picture that is copyrighted or contains trademarked content.

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