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New Customer Signup Offer

Free 4×6 Prints: Our ongoing incentive offer is a proven winner: New Shutterfly customers receive 50 free 4x6 prints to try us out!

Customer Sales

Shutterfly offers hot customer promotions throughout the year to help Affiliates generate greater sales commissions, create excitement, and drive traffic. Affiliates are encouraged to feature our current customer promotions throughout their sales channels.

New customer promotions are proven to drive Active New Customers while coupon savings are proven to drive orders — customers will be sure to take advantage of the special offers.

Customer Sales Schedule

We encourage you to review our customer sales schedule and get the appropriate banners and text links so you can start making our promotions work for you.

Sample Customer Sales:

Summer Sale: 15% off orders from 7/21/05 - 8/24/05
Fall Print Sale: Save 15% on prints, 8/25/05 - 9/21/05
Free Shipping Event: Free Shipping on orders $15 or more, 9/22/05 - 10/19/05

Affiliate Promotions

There are plenty of opportunities for you to make more commissions as a Shutterfly Affiliate. Because we run Affiliate Promotions throughout the year, be sure to look for the monthly Shutterfly Affiliate Newsletter in your inbox, go to our News and Announcement on the Affiliate Center, or email Lisa Erlich to inquire about current promotions.

Sample Affiliate promotion:

Use Sunny Money — earn cash rewards! Shutterfly is part of the LinkShare Club this quarter, a dynamic loyalty program designed especially for LinkShare Affiliates. It’s a way to reward Affiliate contributions — and every LinkShare Affiliate is already a member!

With the Linkshare Club’s Sunny Money offer, you can earn up to $1200 in extra bonus money from Shutterfly.

Click here to see Shutterfly’s lucrative cash rewards.

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