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We've learned that while many Shutterfly customers are already using Photoshop Elements to enhance their pictures before uploading to Shutterfly for printing, many are interested in learning more about this product. Therefore, we've put together a few tips on how to get the highest-quality prints when using Photoshop Elements and Shutterfly together. We've also provided information on how to receive a FREE tryout of Photoshop Elements.
30 day FREE Tryout Adobe Photoshop Elements -- 30-day tryout
If you aren't already using Adobe Photoshop Elements to enhance your photos, you can try it out for FREE. Just click here to download. If you are already using Photoshop Elements, check out our tips for making the most of your photos using Photoshop Elements with Shutterfly.

Take a look what you can easily do with Photoshop Elements
 Darken overexposed and lighten underexposed areas of a photo
 Adjust the tone and correct color
 Be creative and create stunning panoramas
 Erase the background of an image and place the foreground in another image
 Use Hints and Recipes to learn sophisticated editing tools and techniques
 Choose from over 95 special effects & filters and apply with a simple drag and drop

Tips for using Photoshop Elements and Shutterfly
1 Install your Adobe Photoshop Elements software and open an image.
2 You are ready to start editing -- adjust the tone or color, add special effects and filters, make stunning panoramas or composites, and more.
3 When you are finished editing your photo, click on File>Online Services and select Shutterfly. Follow the remaining steps to upload your photo directly to Shutterfly.

4 After upload select the option "View on Web"
5 Once you are on Shutterfly, go to Enhance>Effects and check "Do not apply any automatic corrections to my picture"

6 Now you are ready to make cards, prints or Snapbooks from your pictures to send to friends and family. It's that easy.

Make your pictures perfect with the innovative and easy-to-use tools in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Download your FREE 30-day tryout of Photoshop Elements now!

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