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Easel Calendars

Start on any month. Create 365 days of happy.

What customers have to say about our Easel Calendars

November 29, 2018

Great Desk Calendar

"I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He doesn't like a lot of clutter on his desk and this is the perfect size. Although the calendar is smaller, the font for the month and dates are easy to read. This turned out better than I imagined!"

October 22, 2018


"Such a beautiful layout."

January 27, 2018

I am putting together another one right away.

"I am so pleased I ordered my little easel calendar. Took a poem I liked, photos of my present cats, went with the site cat theme and WOW. I have the calendar next to my computer and the cats haven't knocked it over once. It pleases me every time I look at it -- a little treat for me."

December 28, 2017

Refreshingly minimal

"I chose a word of inspiration and scripted it large over a photograph for each month. I like the subtle minimalist effect of colors softened, and toned-down with the matte finish, though they were very bright in the originals. The words I chose in contrasting colors really pop against the nuanced background. I really like this effect, though many would consider it not-functional as a calendar with the calendar so small."

December 21, 2017

So cute!

"None of the imperfections on mine mentioned in other reviews"

Showcase Your Favorite Monthly Photos With Easel Calendars

Track important dates, appointments, and special occasions with a custom easel calendar from Shutterfly. Are you looking for a creative way to showcase all those favorite snapshots you took throughout the year? In just a few moments Shutterfly allows you to transform them into an easel desk calendar that can be cherished all year long. With a wealth of design options to choose from, the design possibilities for this custom keepsake are truly endless. Discover your personal design style for your easel desktop calendar through the easy personalization process offered by Shutterfly.

Track Baby's First Year With an Easel Desk Calendar

Track all of your little one’s firsts with easel desktop calendars. Are you looking for the ideal way to mark the monthly milestones of your newest addition? Move those cherished photos from your phone or computer onto a custom calendar you can cherish for many years to come. Once the year is over, move each monthly card from your easel calendar into the baby's scrapbook as a fun reminder of which achievements occurred in each month. Years later, as you flip back through the pages of your desktop calendar, you will be reminded of precisely when they took that first step, got their first haircut, and rolled over for the first time. 

Designing Easel Calendars Couldn't Be Easier

You don't have to be a graphic artist to create an easel desk calendar that makes you look like one. Simply scroll through the available design options to find the one that complements your decor or design style. With the basic layout selected, follow the Shutterfly prompts to start laying in your favorite color options, photos, text, and more on your desktop calendar. Each desk calendar arrives with a month printed on a 5x7 sheet of durable cardstock. The twelve months easily stack and stand up within the low-profile bamboo wood easel stand that comes with this photo calendar. You don't have to start easel calendars in January. Use the drop-down taps to select both the month and year you would like your 12-month calendar to start in.

Design Unique Office Decor With Custom Desktop Calendars

Add style and personality to your office with a personalized easel calendar. With photo desk calendars, you can showcase your favorite memories by your workspace. Unlike traditional wall calendars, these desktop calendars can stand up directly on the tabletop with their built-in support to help you keep track of your important dates from the start of the New Year. Made with quality paper cardstock, your desk calendar will look perfect on your desk in your office. To showcase your personality in your office decor and personalized stationery, design custom notepads, wall art, address labels, drinkware, and more.

Easel Calendars Make a Heartfelt Gift

Easel calendars make a great personalized gift idea for parents, grandparents, and other loved ones. Imagine how excited they would be to see the special children in their life smiling back at them every time they check the date. Optional gift boxes are available for desktop calendars, making this item a convenient gift to ship right to the recipient's house. With a gift so easy to plan, they are sure to become an annual tradition both you and your loved one will appreciate. Your friends and family members will appreciate easel desktop calendars as a unique and thoughtful gift that they can use all year long.

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