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Family Address Labels

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January 26, 2019



January 26, 2019


"I love the delicate design and lavender color."

January 26, 2019


"Pretty lables"

January 26, 2019

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"Can't wait to use these cute adress lables!"

January 23, 2019

Love these labels!

"Cute labels, easy to read, fun to make. I have bought several different types now and love them all! Great gifts for grads, new babies, newlyweds, housewarming presents...you name it!!"

Family Address Labels

Using personalized family address labels is a great way to let recipients know who their mail is coming from. One glance at your baby’s baby blues will let them know without any doubt the letter, invitation or thank you is from you. However, this type of address label may not be appropriate on any type of mail you send out.

Times You Should Use Personalized Family Address Labels

In some cases, it may not be wise to use beige address labels that have your children’s faces plastered on them. For example, if you have to send out professional newsletters, it may seem a little uncouth to use these customized products. However, there are plenty of instances when you can use cute, family address labels:

  1. During the holidays. When you’re getting ready to send out holiday cards, feel free to plaster a customized address label on the invitation. You might even be able to create special labels for the holidays.
  2. For announcements. Do you have to announce a new baby, a wedding or an anniversary? Creating unique address labels for these situations could make your letters stand out.
  3. On invitations. Similarly, if you have to invite friends and family to a gathering, you can use the address label as a way to drop hints about the theme of the party. For example, if you’re throwing a Disney-inspired kid’s party, you can create an address label that shows your family in their Disney gear.
  4. For personal mail. Whether you’re responding to an RSVP or sending happy thoughts to a friend, any time you have to send personal mail, you can use these great address labels.

Address labels make it easier to send out mail in bulk. That’s why so many families choose to create special labels for big moments in their life. If you know you’re going to be sending out a lot of mail, you may also want to get personalized stamps and cards from Shutterfly.

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