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4x8 Holiday Cards

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What customers have to say about our Holiday Cards

October 22, 2017

Excellent color and detail reproduction.

"Beautiful reproduction of my photos with true saturation of colors and keeping sharp detail. Fast service and shipping. TOP !"

October 22, 2017

Christmas cards came in exactly how they were previewed.

"I've been using Shutterfly since about 2012 and absolutely love it. The quality and service is exceptional and have never been disappointed in anything I have purchased."

October 22, 2017

Love Shutterfly!!!

"Christmas cards! Used to write the whole "This has been our life over the past year" thing, but now just use Shutterfly to send a photo or two. Love it - super easy to put together online, quick to get out to friends and family, and can write a personal line or two on the back. Quality is very good; price is reasonable and delivery of boxed cards is FAST. Thanks!"

October 22, 2017


"You can always expect the BEST from Shutterfly, and NEVER be disappointed!"

October 22, 2017

Love my cards

"Love my Christmas cards"

Plan on Sending 4x8 Holiday Cards This Year

When you've had an amazing year, you need to share it with everyone come holiday time. Selecting 4x8 holiday cards to send to your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and anyone else on your list is such a simple way to highlight your family's joy while wishing the same to everyone else. The size is great for hanging on refrigerators, leaning up against the wall on mantles, or decorating shelves. Just a little bit bigger than your average photo prints, these holiday cards are easy to drop in the mail, easy to display, and easy to love.

Picking Photos for Your Holiday Cards

The nice thing about 4x8 holidays cards is that you have plenty of space to show off one beautiful focal photograph. Maybe it's a portrait or a favorite memory, but it's definitely a keeper that you can pull out for years to come. Or if you've had such an incredible year that you know there's more than one special situation to treasure -- and maybe show off, just a little -- you still have room to create a collage or photo story. Some holiday cards have easy template options where you select the photos you want and the rest is done for you. Some have a couple options for your favorite design, so you can play around and see how it looks with anywhere from two to four photos. Borders can make your pics pop, too.

What's Your Holiday Card Message This Year?

There are so many fabulous sentiments to share around the holidays. Some families stick with the basics. After all, does "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas" ever really go out of style? You can customize your 4x8 holiday cards with your family's names underneath a unique greeting, too, that incorporates Christmas, the New Year, or simply shares the values, like peace, joy, and love, that matter to everyone, no matter which winter holidays are traditions.

Don't Forget to Keep Photo Cards for Yourself, Too. 

Get in the habit of sending 4x8 holiday cards every year. Eventually, you'll realize you have a stack of memories that shows your family's joy and celebration over the years. You can keep these keepsakes with Christmas cards that other friends and their families send you, too, for a box of memories and a surprising time capsule you'll love as much as any photo books. You might even frame your favorites.