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February 15, 2018



February 14, 2018


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February 12, 2018

They turned out great!

"These were perfect! They were durable and just the way we wanted them!"

February 11, 2018

Amazing quality!

"I was very impressed the my save the dates!!! Great quality and shipping was fast. I always use Shutterfly for my personal events. Thanks Shutterfly!!!"

February 11, 2018

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Trifold Save The Dates

Compiling the guest list for your wedding is stressful. Sorting out who to invite and ruling out those you can’t accommodate can be a difficult decision. To make the process simpler, here are a few tips for perfecting your guest list.

Be Realistic

From the start of the planning process, set realistic financial and capacity goals. Sticking to hard numbers helps you to make tough decisions further down the road. When the time comes to mail out your customized trifold save the dates, you should feel comfortable with the cost of entertaining your guests. Overextending invitations can make wedding planning a much more overwhelming experience, not to mention more expensive.

Create an Invitation Checklist

When you’ve reached your previously established guest limit, it’s time to make the hard decisions. Excluding people from your wedding may not be ideal, but in order to meet budgetary constraints, it’s essential. To avoid too many people at your wedding, set up a list of invitation requirements for yourself, such as:

• Having regular correspondence with the guest, family members excluded
• Not including casual acquaintances
• Requesting an adults-only event
• Not inviting someone because you feel obligated

Before you send out the RSVP cards for your wedding, make sure everyone on the guest list meets the criteria you’ve established.

Ordering Your Invitations

Once your list is finalized, it’s time to distribute the wedding invitations. Sending fully customized flat, folded or trifold save the dates provide your guests with a beautiful reminder of your upcoming wedding. Deliver all the pertinent information with a personal touch, such as with a sentimental engagement photo. With an array of templates to choose from, find the one that suits the theme of your special day.

Though it can be stressful at times, inviting guests to your wedding doesn’t have to be difficult. Through establishing realistic goals and strict invitation guidelines, selecting guests for your wedding can be as simple as ordering the invitations themselves.