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Sympathy Cards

What customers have to say about our Sympathy Cards

March 21, 2018

Loved the card!

"I loved being able to add a picture and make my own card and the price was very good also!"

March 20, 2018

Beautiful Card

"These turned out beautiful! The design is beautiful and simple, especially on the pearl shimmer paper!"

March 12, 2018

I will buy again

"The quality was very good. It was perfect."

March 10, 2018

Highly recommended

"I was worried about the size of this card, but once we got it in the mail, the 6x8 size actually works great considering the small sizes of the three photos at the bottom. Everything printed fantastically."

February 13, 2018

In Memory Of

"Shortly after my husband passed away, I decided to use my Shutterfly account to make a "Remembrance"card to send to friends and family, when I finished it I thought it looked fine however when I got them in the area where I wrote the message it was Dark Brown and the lettering was Black, you couldn't read it no matter how bright the light was, I was so disappointed. HOWEVER, when I called and had the pleasure of speaking with Michelle and told her the problem, she pulled up the order and was in total agreement and was so understanding and sympathetic, she told me not to worry, that they would remake the order at no charge and that when I finished making the new cards to have them "expedite" shipping, all at no additional cost to me, I received them in 2 days and they were perfect!!! I can't thank Michelle and Shutterfly for your excellent products and service. Thank you all so much!"

Show Your Compassion with Sympathy Cards

Grieving can be tough for any person. Often, it is very hard to know the right words to say when someone has suffered a loss. Whether you want to send comfort after the death of a friend or family member, reassure a loved one after an unexpected change in life or simply let someone know they are in your thoughts and prayers, Shutterfly is here to help you eloquently express your sympathy. If you're trying to find the right words to express your thoughts, you might be interested in our sympathy quotes and sayings as a good place to start.

Helping Loved Ones Deal with Loss

We are never prepared to lose the ones we love. When our friends or family have to deal with the unthinkable, it can be hard to know what to do. At the very least, a custom sympathy card can let them know that they are in your thoughts. You can create a card to help celebrate the life and joy of a person and to hopefully help your friend or family member work toward closure. If you are close, offer to lend an ear, run errands or cook meals. Babysitting or even just doing the laundry for someone directly affected by loss can be very helpful in some situations. Often, with grief, we don’t know who or how to ask for help. A card can remind someone that they are not alone.

Designing the Card

Shutterfly has plenty of options for designing custom cards. If it is appropriate, you can upload your favorite photograph to help celebrate the memories and life of the loved one who passed. If you prefer to select one of the designs, create your card that way. You can follow the suggested design guidelines or utilize your preferred fonts, colors and personalized condolence message to complete the card. Not sure exactly what you want to say? We have some tips for what to write in a sympathy card that can guide you through the thought process.

Celebrating a Life

Celebrating a life with a hearfelt gift will be remembered by the recepient for years to come. With so many options, choosing the perfect gift can be an overwhelming task. What should you send when someone dies? There are elegant ways to share photos of the ones we love and the ones we’ve lost. Shutterfly can turn your favorite images into beautifully framed prints. A family photo book is a great way to remind everyone how much joy can surround a person. A photo quilt might be a great way to help people keep the memories alive. Shutterfly can help turn your favorite memories into graceful memorials. Loss is always difficult, so use your favorite memories to keep remembering and keep the light on a little bit longer.