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Birthday Stickers

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What customers have to say about our Stickers

January 23, 2015

Perfect multi-use stickers for kids

"These stickers are a must-have for me. I bought them for each of my boys for goodie bag stickers for birthdays but have ended up using them as reward stickers name tags for school and stickers for home. The kids are 9 6 and 3 and all love to have their very own stickers."

January 23, 2014


"These custom stickers were just what I needed for my friend who makes jams & goodies for Christmas. I phoned different craft stores and they didn't even have plain stickers. I got through Shutterfly CUSTOM stickers with her name included and that was great. One small complaint - a little expensive."

April 27, 2017

Simple but amazing

"I got these stickers to put on homemade gifts I make for family and friends. It gives it an even more personal touch."

January 30, 2015

Thank you stickers

"I love it! I'm very satisfied with it. The quality of my orders always comes out terrific!"

October 28, 2012

Addy's stickers

"These stickers were very well done. My sister really enjoyed the stickers. I got them as a gift for my sister, being Addy's Grandma. She just loved them... Fun stickers..."

Birthday Stickers Everyone Will Love

Birthday stickers are great for every age, whether planning a first birthday or a 91st. They work for party favor bags, gift tags, thank you notes and party games. Consider these ideas when planning your next birthday gathering.

Customized Tags for the Birthday Party

Whether you have twins or children with birthdays on nearly the same day, hosting a single birthday party relieves a lot of stress. While two or more kids may be sharing the same party, they can have their own birthday labels to retain a sense of individuality. Since all of our stickers are customizable, you can fit yours to the party's theme. For some pool-themed parties, see our idea page.

Multi-Purpose Stickers

Opting for a colorful sticker without the "to/from" tag-line means you can use these stickers for other purposes during and after the party. Choose a fun picture and no text with the Simply Framed Stickers to make matching and scavenger hunt games.

For a matching game, draw a symbol or number on each sticker and place it on the bottom of some building blocks, rubber ducks or other small toys. Children can take turns turning them over to find matches. For an adventurous scavenger hunt, write a short clue on each sticker and hide them around your party space. This works well for large areas, such as a big backyard or playground.

Options Abound

The online tools at Shutterfly are easy to use and allow you to create the exact sticker you want. Choose a photo and layout, then keep the text blank or add your family as the gift-giver to save time. Some stickers have multiple color options so you can further customize your product.

Get creative with personalized gifts such as glass jars, samsung galaxy cases and party favors with customizable birthday stickers. The options available mean you or your children can have the exact stickers you want. Whether you're a guest or the host, stickers let you label anything.

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