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Black Baby Boy Shower Invitations

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What customers have to say about our Baby Shower Invitations

September 3, 2018

Adorable Shower Invitations

"This was the perfect baby shower invitation for a Woodland Critters theme. Shutterfly offers flexibility in choices of text, font type & color, & background."

August 30, 2018

Love it

"They were pretty cute. Nice quality too."

August 30, 2018

Beautiful baby shower invitation!

"The product was wonderful, however, delivery method was less than acceptable. The UPS delivery was passed off to the USPS. The USPS failed miserably and held onto the package for days without my permission."

August 26, 2018

Super cute!

"These came out great!"

August 26, 2018

Beautiful and perfect!

"Absolutely love Shutterfly! Perfect product as always!"

Modern Black Baby Shower Invitations for Boys

If your baby shower mom is a modern woman, she'll likely appreciate some cool black-hued baby shower invitations. Were the baby boy in her belly able to see them, he'd appreciate these as well. Modern baby-boy shower invitations feature clean lines and fresh details to entice your guests. Pastel-heavy baby showers can feel a little steeped in tradition. This is why modern baby showers are featuring fresh ideas and bolder hues.

Black is the New Blue

Speaking of traditional, baby boy color palettes are given a fresh spin with Shutterfly. The modern baby boy will wear more than just blue, so why not give the new guy's shower a cool, updated look? You'll find templates that feature black, white, orange, green, and other colors that look great on baby shower invitations. These colors are the modern, updated colors for boys. With Shutterfly, black could be the "new blue" for baby shower invitations.

Bow Ties Instead of Bows for a Baby Boy's Baby Shower

Let the theme of your black baby shower invitations inspire the theme of the party. Shutterfly features bows for boys, only these bows are bow ties! A bow-tie-themed baby shower would be delightful for your Mom-to-be and her guests. You could really go wild with costumes, shower favors and décor with this theme.

It's Easy to Design Baby Shower Invitations With Shutterfly

Shutterfly adores its customers, so they've made it incredibly easy to personalize their templates to your liking. When you click on any template in the design studio, a series of prompted questions appear, ensuring you include all the details you intend to. Make sure to fill out the prompts as given to you by Shutterfly. After you've completed the prompts, you can change the text on your black baby shower invitations as many times as you need to get them right.

Remember to include any additional notes your guests might need to know, such as a note to wear a bow tie if that's your theme, or that shoes will be removed at the door. Little notes like this help your guests prepare for their experience, like making sure to get a pedicure!