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Blue Stickers

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What customers have to say about our Stickers

February 4, 2018

Good Quality, Good Looking

"I love these Christmas gift tags!"

February 3, 2018

Special Stickers!

"I just adore the stickers! Great Quality! Such Fun!"

February 2, 2018

Hey, it's Grandma and Pop-Pop!

"I love sending cards, and the kids love getting them. Instead of writing our names in the cards, a sticker says it all! A picture is worth a thousand words..."

February 1, 2018

perfect little stickers

"I made these as "Happy Valentine's Day" stickers with my sons picture on it. I had my son put them on all the candy heart boxes we gave to all his teachers. Great quality stickers, perfect for little hands too. I love how it takes a simple gift and makes it personal, and with his picture on the sticker everyone knows who its from without having to put his name on it. I've used other stickers from shutterfly for xmas and other holidays to attach on gifts."

January 29, 2018


"I started use it for thanks card on my birthday party!"

Make Blue Stickers for Everyone in Your Family

When you're starting to develop a collection of personalized stickers and note cards for your family, it can be a lot of fun. Begin with a set of mix-and-match stationery or a gorgeous set of thank-you cards. Then, add to your set with red, black, or blue stickers to complement warm, neutral or cool tones in your designs. You'll probably soon realize that you have a number of correspondence needs. Address labels with your surname work on envelopes, while gift tags for your kids to go to parties with kids in their classes need to be different from the ones you share with colleagues or your own friends. Customized stickers let you select a design with a unique photo or message for each family member. 

Special Occasions Get Special Stickers

For birthdays, baby showers, graduations or just-because, you always try to give gifts that are thoughtful and reflective of your recipient and your relationship with them. Another way to really show you care is with customized stickers that you place on wrapped gifts or gift bags. Once you start sharing these little mementos with everyone, people will recognize them as a signature of sorts. It's just part of what makes you who you are -- you care enough to customize every aspect of your gifts. 

Use Stickers on Note Cards and More

You can use personalized stickers when you send notes, too. Affix them to the backs of envelopes to act as a seal. Think of them as a modern take on the old wax seals. Those were really cool and personal in their time, and now you have the technology to make your seal even cooler. Favorite photos of you and your partner, your kids, or the whole family, plus your pets, can make an otherwise-simple sticker into something special. Feel free to stick to them in the center of the inside cover of cards or in the lower corner and let everyone put their initials around it.