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Bracket Holiday Cards

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What customers have to say about our Holiday Cards

October 17, 2017

i would buy again

"It is a bueatiful card no down side"

October 16, 2017

i would buy this


October 15, 2017

love it

"its fun"

October 15, 2017

Beautiful Card

"Great holiday card!"

October 14, 2017


"I chose to inclde black and white photographs and they turned out better than expected. The cards turned out great. Love them."

Bracket Holiday Cards

Are you looking for beautiful greeting cards that will impress your friends, family members, and coworkers this holiday season? If you answered yes, consider designing your own custom bracket holiday cards with the help of Shutterfly. The uniquely shaped edges of these cards will set your them apart from bland, unoriginal cards from major greeting card producers. Nothing expresses love and appreciation like a well-written message from the heart, but when this message is paired with photographs of your choosing and printed on premium paper, it will mean even more. Don’t get stuck with the mundane this holiday season – take the time to create your own custom holiday cards from scratch.

Bring Back Originality and Creativity

Originality and creativity have long been lacking in the traditional greeting card business. Unfortunately, these traits are what make holiday cards fun. When you choose Shutterfly, you will never have to worry about giving out boring, uninspiring holiday cards again. Regardless of your religious, cultural, or personal background, Shutterfly can help you choose a theme that beautifully expresses your true sentiments. Our customers will also be able to customize the following during the design process.

• Paper
• Size
• Color
• Theme
• Designer

You will also be able to choose the photographs that grace the face of your card. Many individuals choose to place all of their photographs on one side of the card so that they have room to write a longer Christmas message on the back. Whatever you decide, the recipient of your card will certainly appreciate the fact that you took the time to create a card just for them. If you want to send a matching gift with your card, Shutterfly carries a massive variety of customizable calendars, and home accent pieces.

Start a New Tradition

This holiday season, let Shutterfly help you create bracket holiday cards for your loved ones. Take the opportunity to start a new tradition of creativity and individuality. Check out Shutterfly's full range of personalized Christmas cards before the holiday season arrives.