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Simple 5x7 Christmas Card For 1 Photo

Spread Christmas cheer this holiday season by sending a customized greeting card designed for a single, edge-to-edge photo. A card like this could be considered standard or even basic, but it would be better described as elegant in its simplicity, allowing your favorite family photo—and your loved ones in it—the full frame of your holiday card. An easy to design, customized Christmas card like this is perfect for large families—those with five, six, seven, or even nine family members. Choose from landscape or portrait (horizontal or vertical) perspectives, round or square edges, and pick that one photo that captures the essence of your family unit, or, instead, your dog or cat. A 5x7 card is the standard holiday card size and these dimensions are also suitable for standard postage. To make an extra-special keepsake card this Christmas, explore our foil holiday card selection and our cards printed on luxe, double-thick cardstock.

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