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Editable Sentiments Holiday Cards

What customers have to say about our Holiday Cards

July 13, 2018

Great Card

"I created these blank greeting cards out of my own illustration hand drawn and scanned from my children's book. I send these cards out to thank people who buy my book which supports a local charity. The quality is excellent, the colors are bright and the envelope and card are sturdy. I am happy to send out these high quality, beautiful cards to my generous donors and will continue to create more!"

July 9, 2018

Love ot

"Came out super nice, everyone loved getting them"

July 9, 2018

Excellent Selection! Excellent Service! Excellent Quality!

"I had a $25 gift card to Shutterfly so thought, yes it's only June but what better time to get ahead of the game and order holiday cards for Christmas/holiday season. Shutterfly was so easy to use, not to mention the selection of card backgrounds available. Prices were great as there was a 40% discount going on too. I ordered them and within days they were in my mailbox. When I opened the package I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the cards were. Excellent quality as far as paper and color. I would highly recommend them to anyone!"

July 6, 2018

Good stuff!

"Have yet to find anything in Shutterfly's collection that I don't like. They are great!"

July 2, 2018

Nice Quality Photo Card

"Love the cards & loved getting them on sale!"

Let Your Creativity Speak Volumes

Are you a painter, illustrator, or cartoonist? Looking for creative and exciting ways to showcase your work? Consider sending custom holiday cards to your friends, family, customers, and clients. These black holiday cards can showcase your work in a truly professional manner. There are many different designs available from Shutterfly so you can always feel confident that your work is going to look perfect every time. Thanks to industry-leading printing technology, we can produce holiday greeting cards, birthday cards, invitations, and much more with images that you select.

One-of-a-Kind Invitations

One fun way to share your artistic work with others is to host a private art show. You can share your work in your home or in a rented space. Get people excited for this important event by sending holiday invitations with images of your favorite pieces. Include information like date, time, and place and your invitations will be ready to drop into the mail.

Trading Art With Other Creatives

Greeting cards and thoughtful notes are easily traded with other artists across the country. Many artists even swap art with other designers around the world. Cards are easy and inexpensive to mail, so you can send your designs far and wide for just a few cents. Here are some simple suggestions to get started swapping custom holiday cards:

  • Get started early by compiling a list of names and addresses.
  • Share your list with the people you wish to send cards to.
  • Encourage your card recipients to mail greeting cards or note cards to other people on the list.

Ideally, everyone on the list will receive a number of beautiful cards from artists living in many locations. These art card swaps can be organized around the holidays or any time of year when you would like to receive items in the mail.

Sharing Holiday Art

Sharing your beautiful artwork with the help of custom holiday cards can quickly become a treasured holiday tradition. Let your work share the season’s warmest greetings.

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