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Holiday Story Cards

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Christmas Card
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Christmas Card
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What customers have to say about our Holiday Story Cards

January 18, 2013

When Christmas cards are gifts!

"I ordered Picture in a Portrait Christmas cards several times before and even after Christmas. Instead of making it our Christmas cards, I made them with photos I have taken through out the year as a nature photographer. Then I broke them down into bundles of 6, inserted them, with their envelopes, and gave them as gifts or with gifts. My most recent order was a photo of 2 Canada Geese standing in the bend of a dirt road. I ordered 10 of them and gave the whole group to my husband who often sends notes to people in the church to encourage them, to congratulate them, or just to maintain contact. Shutterfly makes it easy to turn my photos into quality note cards. (Note: rather than send Christmas cards, I make a donation from our family to a charity.) I love Shutterfly's products as they are the best quality products on the web."

November 4, 2016

Christmas Cards

"We have been using SF for our family Christmas cards for the last 13 years. The web site is very easy to use the quality excellent and the format choices keep getting better. Our cards always get rave reviews from our friends and family. Thank you SF for being such a wonderful and dependable part of our family's holiday season."

October 31, 2014


"Extremely happy with this company. They deliver as promised. The quality is extremely good, outstanding value. I wouldn't hesitate to pace another order with them."

December 7, 2012

We've relied on Shutterfly for 9 years for our holiday cards

"I am very happy with the quality and price of the cards. We receive our cards in about a week. We can put photos on the front, back, and insides of the card. We can put text all over, too. Everything happens within the templates you select. Shutterfly makes it easy to create a good looking card. What could be done better? 1) Make the 5x7 cards truly 5x7. They used to be 5x7. They've been shrinking, and Shutterfly does tell you their exact dimensions. 2) When you sign your names on the card, the ink smears really easily. It would be great if Shutterfly would use a paper which would limit smearing, at least on the inside of the card. 3) It would be nice if the templates were a starting point, and one could move or resize the photo or text boxes. These are niggles. Keep up the good work, Shutterfly."

December 6, 2012

Great card

"My teenage daughter went to Paris with her French Club last summer and took some great photos of the sites. I had already made her a photo book for her birthday, so for Christmas I put a few of the photos on a holiday card template and ordered a box of 10 for stationery. They turned out fabulously. Now if I can only get her to write...."

Tell Your Holiday Story with Personalized Cards

Whether you have an entire year’s worth of memories to share or simply have a really great batch of photos, this holiday season consider sending out holiday story cards for your yearly greetings. Shutterfly makes it easier than ever to take your favorite photos and turn them into beautifully-printed stationery that will help share your light and joy with friends, family and loved ones.

Designing Your Holiday Story Cards

The holiday season is the perfect chance to share your favorite picture memories with the people you love most. Lucky for you, Shutterfly makes it super simple to upload your best photographs and turn them into beautiful cards. Whether you have a few choice memories or a whole gallery of images you want to share, there is the perfect template for you. All you need to do is choose the template that matches your unique style and follow the prompts to upload your photos and utilize the design assistant to customize a holiday message. Choose your favorite fonts, colors, accents and paper for holiday greetings that are both interesting and elegant.

Get into the Holiday Spirit

With all that is going on in your busy life these days, it’s easy to feel like a Scrooge, unfortunately. Shutterfly has plenty of ways to help you inspire the holiday sprit into your own life. If your Christmas tree is lacking inspiration, consider making custom ornaments. You can showcase your dearest memories with beautiful decorations for your tree. Personalized ornaments make excellent gifts for teachers, grandparents and other loved ones. With just a little nudge and a little help from Shutterfly, visions of sugarplums are sure to dance in your head in no time.

Sharing is Caring

The holidays are a magical time because they bring out the best in everyone. Winter is a perfect season to teach your little ones about helping others. Use the momentum of the season to volunteer with food drives or donate gently used items to people that will truly appreciate them. Engaging with your community together is a great way to bond with your children while instilling values that will last a lifetime.

There is a reason they call it the most wonderful time of the year. People start acting nicer, and you remember how much you care about your loved ones. Personalized holiday story cards are a lovely way to keep in touch and share your year’s experience with the ones you love most. Shutterfly is here to help you make this winter warm and bright.