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Float Paperie Holiday Designs

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Christmas Card
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What customers have to say about our Float Paperie Holiday Designs

October 4, 2013

In love with photo holiday cards!

"I can't say enough how much I would rather send photo holiday cards to our family over a typical store bought holiday card. Our family lives very far away and we only get to see them maybe twice a year, so creating a card with tons of pictures is our way of letting our family "see" what we've been up to threw out the year! Once a year we make the trip home and on every ones fridge still hangs all of the picture filled holiday cards from months and sometimes years before that we've sent! P.S. getting special offer emails of gifts from Shurtterfly makes it that much more fun to try out all of their great ideas!"

September 6, 2012

Amazing Holiday Cards!

"I order several sets of holiday cards from Shutterfly every Christmas! They are the best! The quality is excellent, and the designs are beautiful! I always receive tons of compliments on our holiday cards! I especially love this card, as we just welcomed our first baby boy, and this card haves place plenty of pictures of our new baby! The design is just lovely! I also love Shutterfly photobooks, I'm obsessed with them, I own well over 10!"

January 16, 2013

New Years Card

"Great card, bright, cheery, perfect to send when you just couldnt get the Christmas card completed before the 25th!! great paper stock, good size Love the back!!"

December 7, 2012

Christmas Doldrums

"The postcard is of strong stock, very durable. It was a little hard to position some of the pictures onto the card to make the perfect fit for the best viewing of the pictures. Also, my pictures were not as clear as years past. I would have liked this selection much better if it was an actual card instead of a postcard so the recipients can display the card and I would be able to fill the card with confetti and the annual newsletter. I did, however, appreciate that I had extra space to write my holiday message on the card. Typically, I am not provided with enough space for an endearing message but this year, we were able to give write our full message. The Christmas card selections this year from Shutterfly did not excite me have they as years past. It seems the designs were a little stale and are moving more towards the postcard format. Personally, I am willing to pay a little more for the old fashioned card styles but I ended up paying more for this year's card."

September 28, 2012

cute card

"Had a few of these printed up to use up a coupon... started distributing them to family members already. cute layout and a fun way to share the year with family/friends. with the options for the back of the card matched the front a little better. ended up choosing a 1-photo option with some space for text but felt like it could've been better. overall a good item. heavy cardstock, nice printing, fast delivery, and quality envelopes included. Thanks Shutterfly!"