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What customers have to say about our Christmas Cards

January 27, 2019

I highly recommend this card!!

"Absolutely love this card they came out perfect!"

January 23, 2019

good purchase

"Paper is excellent quality as is the envelope. Shipping can be high unless you are ordering a larger number of cards but I only bought one."

January 23, 2019

I will absolutely use this product again.

"The first time I have used Shutterfly for our annual greeting card. Very pleased and will use again."

January 22, 2019

Chinese New Year

"Christmas came too soon. No cards went out. New Year's came and went! Still no cards were sent out. But thanx to Shutterfly, made it for a Chinese Greeting! Beautiful cards front and back with pictures of family sent! Halleluah!!!!!"

January 22, 2019

I looved these cards and they arrived so quickly!

"Shutterfly makes last minute projects easy .. I love these holiday cards and continue to make photo books each month with their app as well as edits on desktop site. I love Shutterfly!"

New Year's Greeting Cards

The span between the Christmas holiday and New Year's Eve can feel like a blur. Taken all together, it's a time of celebration, family, food, and drink, but it's also a time to reflect on the past year and the next year ahead of us. Whether you'd like a holiday-themed card that says Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, a belated Christmas card in the form of a New Year's card, or if you'd simply like to choose amongst an array of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year photo cards to see which variety to send this year, make a beautiful, custom Christmas or New Year's greeting card befitting your style and sentiment and that spreads irrepressible holiday cheer to people you love.

Happy New Year's Eve Cards

At Shutterfly, we continue to build on our experience and expertise in crafting the very best Merry Christmas and Happy New Year cards in the business. You might send a Christmas card in advance of every Christmas holiday or, alternatively, send a family-themed New Year's card set to arrive before or after the flip of the calendar. Or you might be someone who alternates Christmas and New Year's cards from year to year or even depending on how busy your life is in the month of December. When you make custom New Year's Eve cards (or even Happy Latemas cards) using our creative design templates, you're creating something unique, special, and thoroughly interesting for your friends and family members. Consider adding details and accents like gold foil or silver glitter to delight and charm everyone you know.

Happy New Year Covid Cards

For those feeling the ongoing, distinctly challenging effects of the pandemic (and, yes, that includes all of us), it can be an act of grace and even amusement to send a New Year's card that references—directly or obliquely—our journey through this pandemic together. A select few of our New Year's cards riff, in this context, on the theme of simply getting through another year, and others make note of this closing year being only slightly better than the year before. Consider these cards acts of community building, as your recipients are sure to relate, get a kick out of them, and feel, themselves, a little less isolated. As we embark on yet another year with Covid-19 in our midst, recognize our collective challenges and triumphs by sending a funny Covid New Year's card.

Company New Year's Cards

Whether you run a real estate or law firm, a hair or nail salon, or a dentist or doctor's office, send your clients, patients, and contacts a Happy New Year greeting card from you and your organization or company. In this modern day and age, photo New Year's cards are nearly as common for businesses as they are for families. Include a smiling picture of your team or crew to supply your clients with a dose of personality and customize the rest of the card—the color, fonts, trim, and more—to reflect your organization's spirit, mission, and message. Company or business New Year's cards can be just as cool and inviting as any other type, so roll up your sleeves and get creative. Our easy-to-use design templates will help you make the process quick and, with our free Address Book Service, you'll save money and precious time.

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