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Our lives are filled with momentous occasions and celebrations with the ones close to us and some (if not all) of these moments call for a special greeting. From holiday greetings to seasonal, birthday and even those everyday occasions, Shutterfly takes care of all your greeting card needs. Original designs and detail make Shutterfly greeting cards perfect for your family holiday photo cards, your thank you cards and even an adorable stationery set-all of which are sure to leave an everlasting impression!

Create your own custom greeting cards and send your friends and family a smile the old fashioned way, meaning no text messages or e-mails. Our personalized greeting cards make it easy to customize a message that is uniquely you and your loved ones receiving the cards are sure to notice and more importantly, feel special.

Our cards are printed on the finest quality photo card paper that will give your greeting the extra shine that it deserves. Our professional finish options include; signature, traditional and pearl shimmer cardstock. Dress your greeting up even more with our wide variety of trims and finishes. You can get really festive with your trim options, which include; square, round, bracket, scallop and ticket. The clean edges really give your message just that much more personality!

Like we said, getting a greeting through the mail is becoming more and more of a special occurrence seeing as cell phones and e-mail make it faster than ever to reach loved ones. Just because it may take them a little while longer to receive your greeting doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t send one! We can even mail the cards for you! That’s right signed, sealed and delivered!

If you’re in need of some inspiration and personalization tips, look through our collection of personalized photo cards and that should be a great place to start. From beautiful Christmas cards to thinking of you greetings and more, you’ve come to the right place if you’re in need of greeting cards. Shutterfly is not only about getting your special messages to loved ones, but also about doing so in a stylish manner that is simple for you. Visit our Special offers page some savings on your favorite greeting cards

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