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Grey Holiday Cards

What customers have to say about our Holiday Cards

April 15, 2018

Beautiful Glitter cards!

"Top quality, as usual!"

April 14, 2018

Can't wait for Xmas to send this card🌲

"This card has a great layout! We had several pictures which fit the layout perfectly! I can't wait To send them out!"

April 13, 2018

Excellent quality

"Excellent quality, would buy again"

April 13, 2018

They came out so lovely!!! Great quaility!

"These cards are beautiful!!"

April 12, 2018

Love to make and send these cards!

"I like to find photos that will wow the receiver and then make and send them cards when they least expect it. The recipient of this last creation said it was especially cute. It is something people can keep rather than an email which does not last. Love to see them posted up on a fridge then I know they really enjoyed it. My first adventure with the blurred edge style and it turned out well."

Grey Holiday Cards

Every year, millions of people around the world send holiday cards to their friends and family, often attempting to outdo both the cards of others and their own from previous years. Typically, people try to accomplish this by adding elaborate graphics and other frills in an effort to catch the eyes of the recipients.

Shutterfly allows you can take a different approach by cutting down on the number of little additions and investing in a set of grey holiday cards. While using such a color might seem counterintuitive at first, there are actually numerous benefits that come with this selection.

Directing the Focus

Adding a bunch of graphics and lettering to your holiday cards, while initially attention-grabbing, can ultimately look like an unappealing mess. By choosing something a bit plainer, you have the ability to direct the recipient’s attention to the parts that matter the most, namely the central greeting and your photographs.

If you really want the colors in your photographs and your family’s smiling faces to stand out, it’s best to have a grey holiday card that guides attention rather than competes for it. However, there are still plenty of ways in which you can customize your Christmas cards to make them unique, including portrait and landscape orientations, myriad design options as well as trim and print color options.

Covering Your Bases

Holiday cards are far from the only items Shutterfly offers. If you would like to avoid having to venture out into the stressful and hectic world of holiday shopping, Shutterfly has a great selection of items that make for great gifts. For instance, you can keep your spouse warm during the winter months with a custom plush fleece blanket. Alternatively, you can spruce up your living room for everyone to enjoy with a framed art print.