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Address Labels for Her

What customers have to say about our Address Labels for Her

March 27, 2014


"I received an offer from Kellogg's Family Rewards for address labels, which is what brought me here. I've never ordered from Shutterfly before, although I have always heard great things about the site from friends and family members. Shutterfly offers so many cute address labels that it was hard to narrow it down to just one! I found this design, though, and it was perfect. I was looking for something cute, but simple, that I could use year-round. I always mail out cards to out-of-state friends for different occasions (birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas), so I needed something that could work for any occasion. These were just what I was looking for. They arrived very nicely packaged & great quality. I will definitely be ordering from Shutterfly again!"

May 30, 2013

Re: Great Address Labels

"I love the address labels! I have been purchasing variations of address labels through Shutterfly for years. This particular design is great for formal letters, cards and invitations. I highly recommend them, just be careful as to the colors you choose for the text vs the background as some of the lighter colors of text can be difficult to read."

October 11, 2013

Address labels are super!

"So happy with the free labels! Disappointed that I only got 24-- would like more, but am having trouble finding them again and price is a concern. Hoping since they were made once, I could buy more at a reduced price, say $4 for 50?"

September 3, 2013

Address Labels

"I was thrilled to receive a coupon code for address labels because I just started my own business. The selection I had to choose from was impressive! There were so many designs I liked which made my decision tougher than I expected. My final product, which arrived quickly, was just what I was expecting. The colors and font were lovely, but the only thing that kept me from rating it a 5, was the font size being a bit smaller than I expected. It is slightly difficult to read my website info, but overall, I am pleased and extremely grateful for all the free products Shutterfly provides. I would definitely buy more labels! Thank you!"

July 25, 2013

Signature Sentiments Address Label

"wonderful product.. perfectly represented.. quality paper and printing.. thanks!"

Customize Stationery for Mother’s Day – Create Personal Address Labels for Her

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to rekindle correspondence with the most important woman in your life. This year, go beyond flowers that can wilt and customize a unique set of stationery for the light of your life. Give her a unique gift with the promise to respond to each letter she sends and be sure to include her very own set of return address labels for a complete gift.

For a bonus gift, include a small book of forever stamps to help her easily keep in touch with all of the important people in her life.

Designing the Stationery

In the same way that she knows every freckle on your face, you know your mother’s favorite things. You can easily use Shutterfly to customize your gift of stationery with easy to use templates, feminine themes, classic designs and color options. The icing on the cake will be personalized return mailing address labels to complete this thoughtful gift.

Other Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is a great time to share some of those precious photos of the little ones—and what better way than with a creative photo gift? Work with your kids to make the perfect photo collage for Grandma. Letters are appreciated throughout the year, so consider designing some mix and match thank you cards for the little ones to remind Grandma how thankful they are to have her in their life. (Sending thank you notes is a great way to help children learn to appreciate the people in their lives). Photo coasters and journals are also special and personal gifts that remind all of the women in your life how important they are to you.

Don’t Forget to Give Mom or Grandma a Call

It is easy to forget to tell the people that we love just that – that we love them. Make the time and be sure to give Mom or Grandma a ring and just thank her for being there for all those big and small moments. Personalized stationery with matching address labels is a thoughtful gift that will have her smiling every time she writes a note.

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Address your envelopes with stylish address labels. Corresponding invitations, gift tags and thank you cards are also available.
Address your envelopes with stylish address labels. Corresponding invitations, gift tags and thank you cards are also available.
Address your envelopes with stylish address labels. Corresponding invitations, gift tags and thank you cards are also available.