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New Year's Address Labels

What customers have to say about our New Year's Address Labels

March 17, 2018


"Great Quality!!"

March 11, 2018


"Bright and cheerful!"

February 22, 2018

Reorder these all the time

"I like how easy it is to make my own labels and would recommend them to others. Easy and a delight"

February 20, 2018

So cute!

"I'm actually using these for my sons end of school year gifts to teachers. Just stick them on the gifts and done :)"

February 20, 2018


"It looks so fun, like me"

Create a Set of Personalized New Year’s Address Labels

Did you miss the Christmas card boat this year with just enough time to send out some “Happy New Year” cards instead? Or do you just prefer to celebrate one year ending and another beginning? Whatever your end-of-year greeting story is, step up your game with custom New Year’s address labels on all of your outgoing correspondence.

Designing Your Labels

Thanks to Shutterfly, it is easier than ever to send out your greetings in put-together style. Whether you want to match your cards to a T or want fun labels that match your sparkly personality, there is a return address label for you. Pick your favorite design and follow the guide to customize your label to perfection. You can choose your favorite fonts and colors and even play with the little details to create labels you really love.

Creative Uses for Address Labels

Beyond making your stationery look polished and sleek, personalized labels are great for nearly everything else. Include them on the bottoms of dishes you bring to parties so they can find their way back to you. Include them on the interior of cards and notes, especially if you want people to have your new address. You can make custom address labels for your kids as well. They work wonders when adhered inside book bags and other personal items, especially for busy kiddos. Or, let your little one create their own address labels to encourage sending letters and thank you cards for gifts they received during the holidays.

A fun idea is to give a stack of pre-stamped and addressed (with your stylish address labels in the addressee area) to younger kids or older relatives, along with a promise to write back for each letter you receive. (You can even make a set of personalized labels for the recipient to use). Letter writing has never been more fun.

So what if you dropped the ball when it came to your Christmas or holiday cards this year? Custom New Year’s address labels will make it look like you were simply waiting for the big one in Times Square to drop… not that you were too busy. Shutterfly is here to help you send out your stationery in style. What better way to start out a brand new year than by finishing your New Year’s cards off with custom address labels?