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4th of July Party Invitations

What customers have to say about our Everyday Party Invitations

May 13, 2018

I love you, Shutterfly!

"Shutterfly has always delivered quality products. I love you so much that once, while on vacation, my husband and I drove by a Shutterfly building. I nearly screamed, "Stop! Stop! I want to go in!" You're like family! You've taken my most precious memories and sent me back lovely photo albums or cards that I've cherished. Thank you!"

April 29, 2018

great quality

"I order all my cards and photo books from Shutterfly - they consistently do a great job and provide a quality product."

April 17, 2018

Very pleased with this product

"We are using this item as a wedding/renewal of vows invitation after a very intimate wedding in which only the closest relatives were invited. We were amazed how quickly we received it! It was exactly as we requested. There was even a discount and a free shipping code!"

March 16, 2018

Birthday Invites

"Loved the design to be used for my daughter's movie birthday party."

March 11, 2018

These are fabulous! I would purchase again.

"love to have a personalized item. they are fun to make and fun for those that receive them."

Planning Your Summer Celebration

Everyone knows 4th of July is already a party, but when you send your friends the 4th of July party invitations, they know the party is at your place, and the fun is going to be as big and beautiful as the fireworks in the sky. It's already a day to celebrate freedom and patriotism and all the wonderful things that make America the great place it is. From diverse people to rolling landscapes, the only thing you could really do to make Independence Day better is prepare to entertain everyone you know and love at your home or, better yet, in your backyard. 

Plan Your Party Invitations Early So Everyone Knows 

Send your 4th of July party invitations out early. Maybe not quite as early as Memorial Day, but right after isn't too soon. This is a big, fun day for everyone and most people get the whole family involved. It's natural to expect that your friends will have lots of other invitations, so plan the day around busy excitement. People coming and going is part of what makes the day special. You'll know how much your friends appreciate you when they add your home to their rounds throughout the day. 

Get Your Neighbors In on 4th of July Party Planning

If you live in a tight-knit neighborhood, it can be a lot of fun to coordinate your 4th of July party with your neighbors. That way, nobody is competing for guests, and you can help each other out with things like organizing shopping lists, setting up cooler stations, planning for novelty cups or placemats, and creating a theme that's all your own. Maybe this year, your party theme is as American as apple pie, and everyone brings a dessert, or you decide to go with a stars and stripes dress code, so everyone dresses like your favorite flag. Tell your neighbors you've got the 4th of July party invitations under control. 

Don't Forget to Take Care of Pets before your 4th of July Party

It can be helpful to your friends to remind them after you send out your invitations that pets need special care around Independence Day. Fireworks can be scary to furry friends, so making sure they've been exercised and have plenty of water in pet bowls and a safe, secure place to ride out everyone else's fireworks fun is the best way to plan for 4th of July parties.