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Classic Postage Stamps

What customers have to say about our Personalized Postage Stamps

October 16, 2018


"I thought it was a great personal touch having a picture on a stamp. I received so many compliments on it. Will definitely buy again when the occasion permits."

August 21, 2018

These turned out great! Thank you soo much

"Perfect, they look fantastic."

August 20, 2018

I will buy it again and again

"It's a perfect touch for our mailing family cards"

August 19, 2018

These are so special

"I love the personalized stamps. They will make our 90th birthday party invitations even more special. Thank you."

August 14, 2018

I loved this

"Such a nice way to personalize, friends loved the different stamps ."

Customize Your Correspondence

Many of us can remember a time when we sent and received all written communication by mail. Today, email, instant messaging and texting allow us to exchange messages instantaneously. Mailboxes continue to line residential streets, but most equate them with only delivering bad news and junk mail. Imagine, then, how receiving a custom letter that communicates something other than a past-due payment or this week's grocery special may be a welcome surprise for a family member or friend.

Sending a Message by Mail

This begs the question of when should you send correspondence by mail, and when will a simple digital message do? It comes down to the primary benefits that both mediums offer: speed versus personalization. If you need to communicate quickly, digital correspondence is the way to go, but it is also impersonal. Thus, any event, occasion or news that requires a personal connection you should send through the mail. Examples include weddings, graduations, births and baptisms (or other religious events). Also express thanks, well wishes and condolences via mail.

Choosing Classic Stamps for Any Occasion

When you need to send such correspondence, we at Shutterfly offer you the chance to add even more personality with a customized classic postage stamp. Our stamps come in a wide array of designs and patterns, allowing you to tailor yours to meet any occasion. You can use one of our prefabricated templates accented by the color of your choosing, or take your customization further by including a picture of you and/or your family. With stamps available at a value of either 49 or 70 cents, we can provide you with the exact amount needed to cover your mailing costs.

Adding That Extra Touch

Announcements, invitations, thank-you cards and condolence letters all still serve important purposes, and all should be the delivered by the friendly neighborhood mailman. Let Shutterfly help you add an extra touch of personalization to your correspondence with customized classic postage stamps to show your recipients you are thinking of them.

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