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Floral Postage Stamps

What customers have to say about our Personalized Postage Stamps

April 17, 2018


"Stamps were better than I expected!"

April 3, 2018

Great design

"I can't believe stamps are up to $0.50 now! But these look great, and other than the postage being a bit of a surprise, the price was right. Very cool product."

March 25, 2018

Stamp stands out

"Love the monogram stripe. It adds to the photo on my stamp."

March 10, 2018

love them

"The process was simple to create my own postage stamps for invitation, rsvp envelopes and thank yous."

January 3, 2018

I will be ordering more and more of these

"This was the most commented product from my Christmas cards. Love being able to personalized my postage!!"

Beautiful Stamps That Enhance Any Letter

The magic of receiving a letter in the mail is hard to beat, but when the envelope includes an eye-catching stamp, the experience can be close to magical. At Shutterfly, we offer a wide range of beautiful stamps in multiple designs, colors, and styles, including floral postage stamps you can customize according to your needs.

How Many Floral Stamps Should You Order?

How many customized postage stamps you should order depends on the occasion and use. For example, if you order personalized stamps to place on your wedding invitations, it's a good idea to order the stamps in bulk rather than placing individual orders. You should also order more stamps than you believe you need at first – you never know when you might think of someone you forgot to include on your original guest list.

However, if you plan on ordering personalized stamps for everyday use, such as when you want to send a quick note of encouragement to a loved one, you can order a smaller number of floral stamps. You might also want to try ordering stamps in several designs to add interest to your stationery collection.

Personalizing Your Stamps for Extra Flair

Postage stamps only include a small amount of room, so including minimal details will make the biggest impact. If, for example, you plan on using customized floral stamps for wedding invitations or invitations to a bridal shower, you can add the bride and groom's initials or the date of the wedding day for a special touch. Or, you can leave the stamp blank and let the beauty of the flowers speak for themselves.

You can also order wedding invitations, bridal shower invitations, or personalized stationery when you customize your floral postage stamp. Shutterfly offers customizable options for any occasion complemented by multiple templates in a variety of styles, themes, and colors.