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Modern Wedding RSVP Cards

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What customers have to say about our RSVP Cards

May 16, 2018



May 1, 2018

Love this RSVP!

"It is short, simple, and to the point, and it is also customizable. With the matching invitation it looks amazing! Thr cardstock is also study is and the size is perfect!"

April 29, 2018

I would recommend this product 1000 percent.

"I was running behind on getting invitations out due to no venue yet. Received this a week before expectations and are beautiful and elegant."

April 25, 2018


"They match the invitations so well and are great quality!"

April 22, 2018

Love them

"Love love love"

Why RSVP Cards Are So Great

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time, and adding modern wedding RSVP cards to your invitations are worth so much more than the effort you put into them. There are many reasons to include RSVP cards that allow your guests to send back a response along with whether they will bring a plus-one. Here are three reasons to consider adding these cards to your wedding invitations.

Makes Responding Easier

Including an RSVP card in your elegant wedding invitations makes it easy for your guests to send a reply. Including a pre-addressed envelope makes it even easier. Time is precious, and giving your guests the physical means to respond either right when they receive their invite or within a certain time frame shows you value their time.

Gives You an Early Headcount

No matter if a person sends back their RSVP card with an "I will attend" or an "I will not attend," you have a more accurate look at how many people will be at the ceremony and reception. This valuable knowledge lets you decide if your venue is large enough or, in the case of large spaces, how much seating to block off for use. Even the cards you don't get back can provide information. In the case of someone you are close to, you can check that the invite arrived.

Allows You To Make a Seating Chart

If people RSVP with your response cards, then you have a physical marker to use while making a seating chart. This is useful before purchasing monogrammed place cards because you know how many you need and with what names. What a great way to save yourself from purchasing unneeded place cards and save the environment by using less paper!

A modern wedding RSVP card is a great addition to any wedding invitation. This easy-to-return card lets your guests efficiently respond and gives you a better idea of who is coming to your big day. It is possible some people won't respond, so it's wise to have someone in charge of handling the "wiggle room" in this case.