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DIY Wedding Place Cards

How To Design Your Own Wedding Place Cards

When it's time for the reception, where will your guests sit? If you already know you want certain people sitting together, and perhaps certain people sitting apart, then you are going to need place cards. To add your own touch to this essential bit of wedding stationery, some DIY wedding place cards from Shutterfly might fit the bill. Here are some ways to find inspiration.

You Can Find Inspiration From Existing Place Cards

Even though you want to design your own DIY wedding place card, you can still take a look at ones we've designed for inspiration. When you look at these examples, you might notice there are two basic designs. There is the box style and the horizontal style.

To create your own box style place card, you'll need some kind of frame. If you already have a frame for your wedding invitations or programs, you can reuse that by uploading it into our editor. After you adjust the size to your liking, you are good to go.

To create a horizontal style, you'll need a graphic to go along the top or bottom of your card. Some designs we've used include sparkles, scrolls, and leaves. You could also use part of your favorite picture for this area.

A Quote Changes Everything

We've compiled a list of quotes inspired by love and marriage that some may use for their vows, but you can also put them on wedding place cards. You could use one quote for all your cards, one that has special meaning, such as from a favorite author, musician or inspirational speaker. Another idea is to put multiple quotes at a table to spark guests into checking each other's wedding cards.

Whatever you choose for your place cards, they will stand out when printed on Shutterfly's quality paper. We ship in a time frame suitable for your schedule, and if you get your design in early, there's enough time to double check everything before the big day. Finally, allow us to be among the first to say, "Congratulations!"