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White Christmas Cards

What customers have to say about our Christmas Cards

February 21, 2018

Nice cards

"I made blank inside greeting cards and put a quote on the back. They turned out quite well."

February 21, 2018

Love the selection of Christmas Cards

"We've purchased personal Christmas cards from Shutterfly for the the past couple of years. We are very pleased with the product!"

February 19, 2018

Great quality and good price.

"The personalized card I ordered was less expensive than a birthday card from a card shop. The quality of the pictures are excellent and I choose the sentiment. It is a very thoughtful way to make a special day or event even more special!"

February 13, 2018

I loved my holiday cards!

"I have always used your service and it always impresses me with the clarity. See you next year!"

February 13, 2018

Quality Christmas card!

"I love ordering the Shutterfly Christmas card- quality is spot on, weight of card and printed colors are always lovely. The preview button does a great job of giving you a sense of how the card will look. I got my order and said, "Yep, this is how I wanted it to look!" Love the card stock and nice envelopes. Quality all around. We live overseas, so we had wanted to use the Shutterfly mailing and addressing option, but that was not working...fortunately family members were willing to do the work for us."

White Christmas Cards

If you are looking for a unique and personalized way to deck the halls after ordering and sending your white Christmas cards, there are many different do-it-yourself decorating options to consider. Check out these four creative ideas that are quick and simple.

1. Chalk Ornaments

These ornaments are quickly growing in popularity. Simply paint an ornament with chalkboard paint, and once it dries you can draw on it with chalk to create your own custom ornament for your guests. If you are hosting a holiday party, this could be a fun activity that you can use to engage your guests and have them take home as party favors or a fun activity to do with the little ones.

2. Display Christmas Cards

If you hold on to old Christmas cards and you have some nice ones, such as these winter wonderland Christmas cards, then try using them in your decorating. You can attach the cards to a matboard with glue or tape. You can either frame one picture in the matboard, or line several around the frame, then hang it on a door or tree!

3. Bow Wreath

A quick and easy way to customize your wreath is to build your own. All you need for this decorative creation is a Styrofoam wreath, various present bows, and glue. Simply glue the bows to the wreath in whatever pattern and color scheme you desire to create your personalized wreath.

4. Hot Chocolate Jars

Hot chocolate jars are delectable decorations, and very easy to make. Collect some mason jars, hot chocolate, and your favorite toppings. Place the hot coco at the bottom and layer the rest of the ingredients on top. Not only will you have beautiful decorations for your home or holiday party, but they can also serve as party favors. To enjoy, recipients would just need to add water or milk to the jar.

These are just a few of the many enjoyable DIY Christmas decorations that you can consider. Try one or try them all to enjoy a unique and personal Christmas.

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