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White Stickers

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What customers have to say about our Stickers

January 23, 2015

Perfect multi-use stickers for kids

"These stickers are a must-have for me. I bought them for each of my boys for goodie bag stickers for birthdays but have ended up using them as reward stickers name tags for school and stickers for home. The kids are 9 6 and 3 and all love to have their very own stickers."

January 23, 2014


"These custom stickers were just what I needed for my friend who makes jams & goodies for Christmas. I phoned different craft stores and they didn't even have plain stickers. I got through Shutterfly CUSTOM stickers with her name included and that was great. One small complaint - a little expensive."

April 2, 2013

Fantastic !

"I have a little hobby business and plan on using these stickers when I wrap up the item. It will add a little class to my packaging and wrappings... Love 'em! Thanks! Nancy"

January 28, 2013

With love stickers

"These stickers are the perfect compliment to a birthday present, a baked good for a friend or simply to seal an envelope. I love the simplicity and personalization of this product!"

January 25, 2013


"I received a free $20 credit for using Shutterfly for my photographic printing and gift needs throughout 2012; so I decided to order some stickers. I have never ordered stickers before and I'm so glad I did! They were not only easy to create but I had plenty of choices in which to make my decision. I wanted one that could easily represent my family and I found the perfect style. After their speedy arrival (I just chose the standard shipping, but they only took about a week) I opened my package to find exactly what I ordered! I was expecting to receive a classic, good looking sticker with an easy to see photo and text and I was sufficiently satisfied. The colors were all true to what I selected and I could read the print clearly. I have ordered from other places before and when the product arrived the colors were off and the text was fuzzy or blurry. I'm so happy with this order that I'll definitely order these again and recommend Shutterfly to all my frends and family. I was satisfied with Shutterfly before but now I'm "sticking" with them for good! I will never order from anywhere else! Thank you Shutterfly for all of your brilliant choices and products and for having such easy to create lasting photo memories!"

Get Your Stickers Here

Need some custom gift tags for your gifts? How about some labels to help your children keep track of their belongings? Personalized white stickers let you create anything you need with just a few mouse clicks. From gift tags to address labels, custom stickers have you covered. Learn more with these ideas.

Easy Christmas Labels

Custom stickers make great gift labels. With personalized Christmas stickers, all your labeling needs are taken care of. Holiday stickers let you label gifts and seal envelopes for greeting cards and thank you notes. The variety of holiday stationary available on our website means your cards can match your stickers. There are even some fun holiday rubber stamps.

Mark Your Child's Supplies

School supplies have a habit of going their own way, so you can increase the chances these items come back to you by adding a custom sticker with your child's name and picture. Your child will likely feel more responsibility if you get him or her involved by choosing the design and sticker colors. You and your child can collaborate on a unique design, or use a simple rainbow template.

Multiple Customization Options

Layout options include simple and complex with the ability to add photos and text. A simple family photo works for gift tags from both (or all) of you. A funny picture of your kids allows them to have their own custom stickers to use when tracking their responsibilities or decorating their room. Non-photo options are also possible, and you can add your name to these for sealing envelopes.

Creating personal white stickers for your home use is easy with Shutterfly's intuitive tools. You can make gift tags for Christmas and other special occasions or give your children personalized labels to put on their belongings. Make something funny, fancy or simple; it's all in what you need. These stickers also make great gifts.