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Sibling Birth Announcements

What customers have to say about our Birth Announcements

January 25, 2019

A Hit With All the Family!

"We used this card as a birth announcement and thank you card for our baby shower attendees. It's on a nice heavy cardstock, and the print was super clear. With my first order there was a smear on the return address on the back of the envelope, but no big deal. With the first order I also didn't receive the blank envelopes I ordered. The second order everything was perfect. I would highly recommend!"

January 24, 2019

Very nice cards

"Super classy cards"

January 24, 2019

Great buy

"Looks and feels great. Came so quickly and is such great quality!"

January 22, 2019

So sweet

"Easy to create!sweet design"

January 22, 2019

Love this product!!

"I love the simplicity of this birth announcement, it was easy to make and arrived on time!"

Sibling Birth Announcements

Welcoming another child into your home is a big event that you’ll want to celebrate with family, both near and far. Older siblings will want to be part of the festivities and including them makes them feel special, important and loved. There’s no better way to publicly proclaim your love for all your children than with a sibling birth announcement. Letting big brother or sister in on the photo shoot and announcement seals the deal that this new addition belongs to everyone, not just mom and dad.

Mom and Dad’s Little Helper

It’s no secret that older siblings love to help when a new baby comes home. Involving them as much as possible is a great way to squash sibling rivalry before it begins. While a two-year-old certainly shouldn’t be left to watch an infant, she can definitely help by generating the babies name, grabbing a clean diaper, singing to baby before naptime or gently replacing a pacifier that falls out during a ride in the car. Older siblings can help give bottles or hold a fussy baby while mom grabs a quick shower or a snack.

Be sure to offer plenty of praise and thanks for a job well done so that the older sibling gains confidence and a sense of belonging. If he feels like he’s a necessary part in caring for a younger sibling, he’s likely to develop a better bond with that brother or sister.

The We in Family

One of the best ways to create family unity is to give honest praise in front of other people. Tell your child what a great job she did calming the baby down in the car once you get to grandma’s house, or let your friends know that you consider your 14-year-old the best babysitter around. If you have an older sibling that’s proven particularly helpful, surprise her with a new custom iPhone case as a thank you gesture, personalized with a photo she’ll love. For younger kids, a custom puzzle can be a great gift.