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Yellow Address Labels

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What customers have to say about our Address Labels

April 15, 2014

Return to sender

"I just received my address labels. When I placed my order my only concern was that the photo might be too small. Not only did the photo fit perfectly but the clarity of the photo and type was sharp and crisp also. With so much of today's correspondence conducted by email and text messaging, I miss the now archaic means of communicating with personal correspondence sent by post. I'm looking forward to once again writing some letters, putting them in envelopes with my personalized photo return address labels attached. One thing for certain, these personalized labels with the photo of me and my dog featured prominently will stand out and won't be discarded as junk mail. P.S. In the photo, that's me in front; my ever-watchful companion is the one behind my head looking like a pillow - just in case there might have been any confusion."

October 12, 2013

Beautiful and Colorful Address Labels

"I just got my set of address labels on the mail yesterday and they look wonderful! And the best part is that I got them for free. I have used Shutterfly to create photo books, cards, calendars, and print my pictures but this is the first time that I use this site to order address labels. Last year I got a coupon for a free set of address labels but I didn’t use it because I don’t normally use address labels but this year I decided to give them a try and I’m glad I did. When I opened the envelope and saw them, I said “Wow, they look better than I thought.” I am very happy with my order. The hardest part was to choose a design. Shutterfly offers a variety of colors and styles to choose from, you can even add a picture to your labels. It took me probably half an hour to pick a design but it was worth every minute because I feel very satisfy with the design I picked. And the best part was that I didn’t have to pay for the labels, just shipping and handling which was less than four dollars. I always try to take advantage of their offers and until now I haven’t been disappointed, so I encourage you to do the same. Try Shutterfly, you won’t be disappointed."

April 10, 2015

great labels

"Labels are really nice quality and were shipped very quickly."

February 2, 2014


"so I was reading my email and an offer came through for free labels, so just using my smartphone I was able to view all styles, place my order, change it once or twice, and submit. It was so easy, and the labels look beautiful!"

October 21, 2013


"quick delivery, nice product, free! would definitely recommend & purchase in the future."

Yellow Address Labels

Sending out wedding invitations is one of the most important steps you can take when preparing for a wedding. Without this important part of the wedding planning process, you wouldn’t have any guests to celebrate the occasion with you. Here are a few things you should know before dropping your wedding invitations in the mail.

Preparation Is Key

Gathering your supplies and taking time to think about the little details in advance will make it much easier to get your invitations in the mail on time. It takes a lot of time to assemble your wedding announcements, stuff them in envelopes and get them out the door. Make the process easier on yourself by having an envelope stuffing party with your good friends and family members. You can make the occasion fun by serving dessert and enjoying the company of those closest to you while you quickly prepare your invitations for the mail.

You Don’t Have to Lick Every Envelope

Did you know you don’t have to lick every single envelope in order to seal it? You can save your tongue a lot of discomfort by dampening a small sponge and sliding it across the sticky envelope strips before sealing them.

Address Labels Are Worth it

If you have never purchased address labels before, now is the time to do it. Bright, cheerful yellow address labels will not only dress up your envelopes, but will save you a lot of time. Plus, address labels look neater than handwriting in most cases.

Bring an Assembled Envelope When You Buy Postage

Many brides-to-be make the mistake of purchasing postage before they weigh their assembled wedding announcements. To ensure that you purchase the right postage for your needs, bring a fully-assembled envelope with you to the post office. You can also add a more personal touch to your invitations with cute, customized postage stamps.

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Address your envelopes with stylish address labels. Corresponding invitations, gift tags and thank you cards are also available.
Address your envelopes with stylish address labels. Corresponding invitations, gift tags and thank you cards are also available.
Address your envelopes with stylish address labels. Corresponding invitations, gift tags and thank you cards are also available.