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Thanksgiving Cards

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What customers have to say about our Thanksgiving Cards

January 20, 2014

quality great but...

"The cards look great and just as the file uploaded does on my moniter but the system to make cards online is set up for picking one photo and ordering 20 cards, ex: holiday cards. I am a photographer and sell photo cards and need to order different numbers of different photos in one order. It is very time consuming and each one has to go through the same many steps from upload to cart, rather than just a one click system to change the photo and add to cart. Add one to cart and then have to go back to step one, in "my projects". Can order 1 card each or 5 and up, not 2 or 3, huh? I needed 2 of 6 different photos for recent small order and had to order 2 separate orders of 1 each with separate shipping by having to re order the same thing, ONE BY ONE. Not cost effective for consumer or company! With all the easy systems online for making books and cards, this one could be updated to appeal to more than just the person making holiday cards or invitations, etc."

September 9, 2012


"I have made and ordered tons of stuff from shutterfly and always been more than pleased with the results! All of my Christmas and greeting cards are personalized this way. I recommend shutterfly to all my family and friends and offer to get them started and show them how to make cards and photo books. I love your products and service. I probably need to go to SFA (shutterfly anonymous) meetings. I make a personalized calendar every year, for me and others. I make a photo book after every cruise or vacation. I make 100 page family photo books for all my family members every single year, and will as long as you guys are in business. And I make lots of greeting cards, labels and unique photo gifts, as well. Actually, you should probably hire me to be your PR representative!!! Keep up the good work. Oh, and I have also experienced you standing behind your work and replacing a photo book that had unexplained markings on a number of pages. Thanks for that!"

June 7, 2015

Picture in Landscape Card

"I had a friend of many years who was retiring from a hospital she had worked for 30 years. I wanted to make her a special retirement card. I found an old postcard with a picture of he hospital dated 1941. That was the year she was born. She had worked very hard as a single mom to raise her son and daughter. I found two pictures with her with each of her two children that was made just about the time she started working at the hospital and I put both on the front. Inside at top I put the front of the postcard below I wrote exactly what I wished to say to her. I put the back of the postcard on the back of card. I had an event taking place in the building she works at and was in May which is the month she retired. She loved it. I love being creative with making cards. I just wish Shutterfly would go back to the cardstock they stopped using in about Feb 2015. I loved the shine the cards had on them. I think it made them look more expensive. I feel the cards just had the look they needed much more than cardstock paper today. That special finished look. This is why I just gave the card a four star rating"

April 18, 2014

Blurred Edge 5x7 Folded Card

"The quality of the custom cards is amazing...the card stock elegant. My mom's garden came alive on these cards! She has since moved and I wanted to give her something special, and these cards are very special to her! I have never been disappointed in either the product of the service that Shutterfly affords its customers. Thank you, Shutterfly!"

April 20, 2013

great card!

"I purchased these to use as "personalized" thank yous for my son's birthday. I put his picture on the front and back and left the inside blank. The pictures are bright and clear and the cardstock is sturdy. Very pleased with this product!"

Send Out Personalized Thanksgiving Cards

This year, kick off the holiday season with custom style and send out personalized Thanksgiving cards. You can get a leg up and send your yearly greetings out early. Take your favorite photographs from the year and turn them into festive cards that will deliver smiles to your loved one’s mailboxes. Thanksgiving cards allow you to add a Happy Thanksgiving message to send to your friends, family and loved ones to show them how thankful you are to have them in your life.

Designing Custom Thanksgiving Cards

Shutterfly makes it easier than ever to take one, two or even a handful of your favorite photographs from the year and turn them into beautifully printed, personalized cards. Thanksgiving cards are a great opportunity to show off new school pictures, or feature an autumnal montage of your favorite family portraits. No matter what your style is, simply upload the images you wish to use and plug them into one of dozens of available templates. You can use the design assistant to chose your favorite colors, fonts, accent pieces and cardstock type for cards that are truly stylish and one-of-a-kind. Are you hosting this year’s celebrations? Shutterfly has customizable Thanksgiving invitations for that as well.

Showing Thanks Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Thanksgiving is more than just football, turkey and all of the fixings that accompany a large feast. Thanksgiving is a reminder to show the people we love that we care. It is also a reminder to give back to our community and to show gratitude for what we have. Reaching out to friends and family with custom cards and handwritten notes is an easy way to let them know you keep them near your heart.

It is never too late to keep in touch. If you missed Thanksgiving this year, Shutterfly has hundreds of designs and templates to help you create the perfect holiday card to match your own unique style. Just like the custom photo Thanksgiving cards, you can upload one or many of your favorite photographs to the holiday templates. Not a good year for pictures? Shutterfly has festive (yet customizable) cards for the less photogenic or camera-savvy among us.