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7 Creative Uses For Address Labels

Address labels are always convenient to have on hand, especially when you’re sending out a large amount of mail at once, as with invitations or holiday cards. But, if you get creative, you can repurpose these labels for many other practical uses.

Here are some great ways to use address labels other than on an envelope.

Gift Tags

By using an address label for a gift tag, the recipient can easily identify who the gift is from. And having the gift giver’s address handy makes it really convenient for them to send a thank you card.

To make a gift tag, tape the address label to a pretty piece of card stock and write your message to the recipient on the blank side. If you’re putting the tag on a gift bag, punch a hole in the corner of the label and use twine or other string to tie it onto the bag. Otherwise, adhere it to the top of the gift along with a bow or ribbon. It can’t get much simpler.

Items You Lend Out

Put extra address labels aside to use on items you lend to others, such as tools or DVDs,so you’ll increase your chances of your items being returned. It’s also a great idea to label your bowls, platters and anything else you’ll need back when bringing them to events such as potlucks, picnics, and holiday gatherings.

Office Crafts and Supplies

If you tend to tote office and craft supplies to various events, such as church get-togethers or children’s activities, put address labels on these supplies to keep track of them and prevent them from getting lost. For small supplies, you can cut the address portion off and just label them with your name.


Use white address labels for paperwork to save yourself the time of writing out your full name and address on any forms you fill out repeatedly or when there’s a large amount of paperwork requiring this information. For example, you can use the labels on forms for charitable donations, on the backs of raffle tickets, or to tag items you put on consignment.


This is especially a good use of address labels for bookworms. Place a label inside the cover of your books so that, if you happen to lose that fantastic novel you were in the middle of reading, it will have a chance of making its way back to you safe and sound. While you’re at it, label your planners and any important magazines as well.

Travel ID/Luggage Tags

Use address labels to tag your luggage and any important items you’re traveling with, such as an iPad or digital camera. If you accidentally leave one of these items on the airplane or train, and it ends up in the hands of an honest person, they’ll be able to return it to you.

Children's Belongings

Kids love putting their name on everything. Notebooks, artwork…really any piece ofpaper they can find. Give them their own set of address labels that they canuse to label to their heart’s content. Use them for labeling school supplies and lunch boxes and you’ve made a smart investment.

Who would have thought such a small and simple item could be used in so many fantastic ways? Now that we’ve got you started, you’ll likely have fun thinking of even more creative uses for address labels. Bring all of these ideas to Shutterfly where you can design and customize the perfect address labels for whatever creative use you come up with

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