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having a ball birthday invitation 4x5 flat
Having A Ball 4x5 Personalized Birthday Invitation
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Bright Bulletin Board Twin Birthday Invitation
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party banner birthday invitation 4x5 flat
Party Banner 4x5 Girls Party Invitations
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More Details Party Banner 4x5 Girls Party Invitations. Invite all the guests with this stylish birthday invitation. Just add your favorite photos and all the event details

Pour a Cup O’ Fun: Planning a 7th Birthday Tea Party

One bit of near certainty that a parent of a little one can count on is that tea parties will be prominently held -- and often! Take this beloved past time and run with it to create a tea party birthday celebration that your child will love.

Inviting Guests

Send 7th birthday invitations to guests in plenty of time to allow them to find the proper attire. Customize text with elaborate and ornamental fonts, ensuring the guests will understand this is a very extravagant affair! Suggest that guests wear their fanciest attire, with beads, hats and gloves being most welcome. Personalize the invitation with an image of the guest of honor in her or his own fancy get-up, sipping a cup o’ tea.

Setting the Table

Give yourself time to prepare for the event by stopping by thrift stores or second hand shops and purchasing an array of mismatched tea cups and saucers, allowing guests to enjoy decorative “china” without the fear of breaking great-grandma’s heirlooms. Purchase a yard of inexpensive, flowery fabric and cut it into rectangular napkins. Consider picking up a different piece to use as the table cloth. Add in a few vases for small bouquets to brighten up the table.

Food and Beverages

Set out platters of sandwiches that are quartered into triangles. Include options with cucumber and cream cheese, deli meat, or even peanut butter and jelly. Muffins, ginger snaps and oatmeal cookies are also good additions to tea party fare.

For the beverages, of course, tea shall be served! Fill multiple tea pots with non-caffeinated berry teas, or create a fruit infusion tea. If you think you have a few adventurous kids in the group, add in a unique flavor or two. Pink lemonade is also a fan favorite at tea party birthdays.

Bid guests adieu at the end with favors of small ceramic tea sets that they can decorate at home. Then, flip your boa over your shoulder and pat yourself on the back knowing the tea party you threw was one for the books.