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Wooden Door Merry 5x7 Gate Fold Christmas Cards
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More Details Wooden Door Merry 5x7 Gate Fold Christmas Cards by Yours Truly.

Customizing Your Holiday Celebration

As the winter holidays approach, the work starts to pile up for anyone who holds these special times dear. Whether you look to throw a big party to spread holiday cheer throughout your social circles, or if you desire to keep in touch with loved ones, there are a number of steps to plan, including gifts for friends and family as well as cards to help you keep in touch with everyone important in your life.

Choosing Cards to Fit the Occasion

With a large number of winter holidays coming close together, you have a variety of greeting card choices to help send your desired greetings to those you hold dear. Handmade Christmas cards and non-denominational season’s greetings selections give you the perfect chance to make sure your greetings are specific, and they come in several different choices, just like traditional Christmas cards. Find everything from Santa and reindeer cards to angel Christmas cards, and then use Shutterfly’s customization engine to make them unique, so you can send a personalized message to everyone on your list.

Presents for the Holidays

Gift-givers also find a number of easy-to-personalize choices on our site, which are simple to turn into keepsakes for your loved ones. Send extended relatives beige wall art or custom photo mugs to give them a chance to see you and your family long after they put away their holiday cards. You’re also free to check out kitchen accessories, office toys, and bar accessories for more hands-on gift ideas.

Messages From the Heart

Whether you look to put together a gift presentation that lets your loved ones see what you’ve been up to all year, or if you’re looking to keep your celebratory mission simple with season’s greetings, find options on Shutterfly that let you bring your individual voice and artistic talent front and center on your holiday cards. If it’s the thought that counts, then send a gift that says you thought your loved ones deserved unique presents.