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Blank Christmas Party Invitations

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Upload Your Own Design 5x7 Stationery Card by Yours Truly
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More Details Upload Your Own Design 5x7 Stationery Card by Yours Truly. Invite everyone to a holiday party with this stylish holiday invitation. Just add the event details.

A Tip to Get You More Christmas Party Attendees

Christmas is an amazing time of year. The holiday spirit sweeps you up, and the smells of pine, cinnamon, peppermint, and spice engulf you. Your heart is happy, and a smile is always on your face. It is also the time of year to get together with those you cherish, whether that is family, friends or even co-workers. Holiday parties are a festive way to celebrate all the fun, but it is easy to get an overcrowded schedule between parties and everything else you have to do.

Invitations That Shine

If you are throwing a Christmas party this year, you want an invitation that catches the eye and stands out from the many others your recipients are sure to receive. The competition between holiday parties can get fierce. It is tough to convince people to come to your party instead of going elsewhere. We can help you make the right impression with blank Christmas party invitations from Shutterfly.

Using a blank invitation allows you to create a unique look. You can get as creative as you want, adding in images, personalizing the text and applying bold color choices. Your custom invitation will be hard to ignore, meaning you end up with more people at your party because you were able to outshine the competition.

It's the Thought That Counts

How many times have you heard someone say it's the thought that counts? Well, you can use that logic when it comes to creating a smashing invitation for your holiday get-together. With Shutterfly's easy-to-use system, you can easily turn an otherwise boring invitation into a masterpiece.

Imagine getting a party invite that features you and the party host on the very front. You can make that happen for each of your guests. Also, you can customize pretty much anything you need from Shutterfly, including the address labels for your invitations.

Putting that much thought into customizing an invitation is sure to capture their attention. It's not likely anyone else will put that much effort into their invitations, so you get an immediate edge. People love thoughtfulness. If you hook them with the invite, you get them in the door on party night.