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This year, create a set of DIY coasters to elevate your home decor and protect your fine furniture. Whether you're looking for fun kitchen decorations or accessories for your living room end tables, you can create a great coaster for coffee, beer, wine, or any other beverage with unique designs and favorite photos. Design a set of four or more coasters that feature photo collages, monograms, names, or fun messages. Welcome people to your home with cool coasters that allow you to reminisce on major milestones and happy memories. Our photo coasters will look perfect in your bar or on your coffee table everyday or as part of your custom Christmas or holiday decor. Have a blast making coasters for yourself or as a gift for your friends or loved ones.
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photo gallery coaster
Photo Gallery Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Photo Gallery Coaster by Shutterfly. Photo coasters are a stylish way to display your favorite memories. Add some personality to your home or office with personalized photo coasters. Available in sets of four, with a different photo on each coaster. Great for cocktails or hot drinks, with no-slip cork backing.
upload your own design coaster
Upload Your Own Design Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Upload Your Own Design Coaster by Shutterfly.
best time together coaster
Best Time Together Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Best Time Together Coaster by Shutterfly.
sentiment script coaster
Sentiment Script Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Sentiment Script Coaster by Shutterfly.
forever our best coaster
Forever Our Best Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Forever Our Best Coaster by Shutterfly.
live love laugh lift coaster
Live Love Laugh Lift Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Live Love Laugh Lift Coaster by Shutterfly.
pet photo gallery coaster
Pet Photo Gallery Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Pet Photo Gallery Coaster by Shutterfly.
heart sentiment frame coaster
Heart Sentiment Frame Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Heart Sentiment Frame Coaster by Shutterfly.
sweet life memories coaster
Sweet Life Memories Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Sweet Life Memories Coaster by Shutterfly.
love script coaster
Love Script Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Love Script Coaster by Shutterfly.
love pawprint coaster
Love Pawprint Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Love Pawprint Coaster by Shutterfly.
rooted love coaster
Rooted Love Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Rooted Love Coaster by Shutterfly.
gallery of three coaster
Gallery of Three Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Gallery of Three Coaster by Shutterfly.
diamond love coaster
Diamond Love Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Diamond Love Coaster by Shutterfly.
everyday life sentiments coaster
Everyday Life Sentiments Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Everyday Life Sentiments Coaster by Shutterfly.
keyline monogram coaster
Keyline Monogram Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Keyline Monogram Coaster by Shutterfly.
always and forever together coaster
Always and Forever Together Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Always and Forever Together Coaster by Shutterfly.
gallery of four coaster
Gallery of Four Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Gallery of Four Coaster by Shutterfly.
textured love borders coaster
Textured Love Borders Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Textured Love Borders Coaster by Shutterfly.
family love joy blessed above coaster
Family Love Joy Blessed Above Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Family Love Joy Blessed Above Coaster by Shutterfly.
gallery of six coaster
Gallery of Six Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Gallery of Six Coaster by Shutterfly.
happy good days coaster
Happy Good Days Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Happy Good Days Coaster by Shutterfly.
gallery of fourteen coaster
Gallery of Fourteen Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Gallery of Fourteen Coaster by Shutterfly.
gallery of ten border coaster
Gallery of Ten Border Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Gallery of Ten Border Coaster by Shutterfly.
family is love coaster
Family Is Love Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Family Is Love Coaster by Shutterfly.
check frame coaster
Check Frame Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Check Frame Coaster by Shutterfly.
classic family monogram coaster
Classic Family Monogram Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Classic Family Monogram Coaster by Shutterfly.
best ever wood texture coaster
Best Ever Wood Texture Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Best Ever Wood Texture Coaster by Shutterfly.
celebration time coaster
Celebration Time Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Celebration Time Coaster by Shutterfly.
ingrained love initials coaster
Ingrained Love Initials Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Ingrained Love Initials Coaster by Shutterfly.
love you to the moon coaster
Love You to the Moon Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Love You to the Moon Coaster by Shutterfly.
loved little one coaster
Loved Little One Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Loved Little One Coaster by Shutterfly.
traditional tartan spirits coaster
Traditional Tartan Spirits Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Traditional Tartan Spirits Coaster by Shutterfly.
classic marble frame coaster
Classic Marble Frame Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Classic Marble Frame Coaster by Shutterfly.
postcard journey coaster
Postcard Journey Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Postcard Journey Coaster by Shutterfly.
bold contemporary frame coaster
Bold Contemporary Frame Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Bold Contemporary Frame Coaster by Shutterfly.
happy times serif coaster
Happy Times Serif Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Happy Times Serif Coaster by Shutterfly.
rustic sentiments coaster
Rustic Sentiments Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Rustic Sentiments Coaster by Shutterfly.
show your pride coaster
Show Your Pride Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Show Your Pride Coaster by Shutterfly.
retro graphics coaster
Retro Graphics Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Retro Graphics Coaster by Shutterfly.
spring summer fun coaster
Spring Summer Fun Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Spring Summer Fun Coaster by Shutterfly.
iconic sights coaster
Iconic Sights Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Iconic Sights Coaster by Shutterfly.
contemporary typography coaster
Contemporary Typography Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Contemporary Typography Coaster by Shutterfly.
celebration coaster
Celebration Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Celebration Coaster by Shutterfly.
geometric wood coaster
Geometric Wood Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Geometric Wood Coaster by Shutterfly.
party tiles coaster
Party Tiles Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Party Tiles Coaster by Shutterfly.
favorite story coaster
Favorite Story Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Favorite Story Coaster by Shutterfly.
classic typography coaster
Classic Typography Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Classic Typography Coaster by Shutterfly.
dark patterns coaster
Dark Patterns Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Dark Patterns Coaster by Shutterfly.
pink hues coaster
Pink Hues Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Pink Hues Coaster by Shutterfly.
brushed pattern frame coaster
Brushed Pattern Frame Coaster
From $24.98 $17.99
More Details Brushed Pattern Frame Coaster by Shutterfly.

Design a Set of Custom Coasters

When you order personalized coasters from Shutterfly, you get a lovely set of four completely unique designs. Have fun including a variety of images in our creative templates to fit your preferences. Celebrate your last vacation with the name of the city, a funny inside joke, and a collection of amusing images. Get your girls a set of coasters for the bachelorette weekend that feature stunning photos of you and your gals. Or make sentimental coasters with pictures from your wedding and your sets of initials in an elegant script. Simply upload your photos from social media or from your personal device and start designing your unique coaster set with our dynamic templates. Our photo-customized drink coasters are cork-backed to protect your tables and other furniture.


If you need some inspiration for your creative photo coasters, look to the Shutterfly art library. We have a plethora of ideas for sets of coasters that feature motivational messages, geometric patterns, and beautiful landscapes. Enjoy some happy quotes to help inspire your workday with black and white coaster designs. Or go with a simple, modern look with our simple patterns and bold colored coasters. You can make your personalized coasters as bold or as simple as you like with different designs from our wide selection of artwork.

Ceramic Drink Coasters to Protect Your Furniture

Our ceramic coasters are excellent choices for anyone wanting to create a refined, elegant look in their home. These 4”x4” coasters feature a matte finish and, like our standard photo coasters, cork backs to make them non-slip on any surface. Put hot drinks like coffee or tea or cold drinks like soda or beer on these coasters to keep drink condensation from reaching the wood countertops of your dining table, desk, or other fine furniture.


Custom ceramic coasters also make fun and practical gifts for anyone in your life. Mark special occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, the Fourth of July, and any major milestone with personalized coasters that anyone on your list will appreciate. Whether you're buying your spouse a birthday or anniversary gift, looking for a present for your dad who has everything, or needing a unique item for a friendly get-together, design coasters that will fit any theme and celebration. Have fun and be creative as you explore our whimsical designs and sentimental messages. These stylish, practical accessories are the perfect way to tell the special people in your life how much you love them.

Personalized Coasters for Christmas and Other Holidays

We offer exciting custom coasters for your everyday life or to add an extra flair to the holiday season. Get creative and design coasters that match your Christmas decorations. Whether you're using these accessories to hold your hot cocoa, coffee, or Bailey’s Irish ice or if you’re hosting a Christmas party and want to help your guests protect your furniture, you’re sure to delight at our variety of holiday coaster designs. Go for a rustic, homey holiday with red plaid designs that feature photos from last year's Christmas card or enjoy a winter wonderland with festive characters and fun text. The possibilities are endless to design Christmas coasters that fit your holiday themes and add an extra element of fun to this special season.


But our cup and drink coasters are perfect for any holiday. Tell your husband, wife, mother, father, or grandparent you love them by creating a set of cool coasters that feature the whole family and the words "World's Best Mom" or "Greatest Dad Ever." Have fun designing a gift for the people who seem to have everything as you shop our dynamic coaster sets. Whether you're helping your mom who loves her nightly glass of wine or your grandfather who loves enjoying a beer as he's grilling, enjoy these DIY coaster options for your family members.

DIY Coasters As Wedding Favors

Send your wedding guests off in style with creative coasters that make awesome party favors from your wedding ceremony. Add a picture of you and your partner with your new last name to sets of coasters you can give out to every guest to help them remember your big day. You can also create personalized coaster sets with your favorite wedding photos to give to your parents as a thank you gift or to buy for your husband or wife as you move into your new home together. Celebrate the happiest day of your life in style with these simple accessories that can make excellent wedding favors and gifts. A set of coasters may be just the thing you need to complete your wedding planning.

Custom Coasters Make the Best Housewarming Gifts

Our drink coasters are also great choices for any housewarming party. These are stylish and functional presents that can be completely customized to the decor and dining tables of your friends and loved ones as they start a new chapter of their lives. Design coasters with inside jokes from you and your friends or favorite photos from past adventures. When a loved one is welcoming you to their new home, custom coasters make wonderful gifts for the occasion. They'll love seeing their new, one-of-a-kind coasters made with their favorite photos and memories. Welcome your family or friends home in style with exciting wine, beer, and coffee coasters as housewarming gifts.


More housewarming gifts that can go along with coasters include trivets, ceramic bowls, placemats, or a beautiful custom cutting board. Or, pair your personalized coasters with drinkware items like wine glasses, pint glasses, or coffee mugs. There are so many items you can pair your coasters with, and your recipient will absolutely adore whatever you create for them. Coasters make unique gifts that everyone will love and cherish. These practical gifts will get used over and over again for years to come.