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Wonders Of His Love Religious Photo Christmas Cards
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Country Frame 3x5 Personalized Thank You Cards
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Rustle Up Some Christmas Spirit with Fun Designs

Rustic and country Christmas cards spread cheer charmingly. Since popular holiday imagery usually features snowy landscapes and trees, a country theme is perfect for a Christmas card. Shutterfly makes customizing your cards easy; here's a look at what you need to do.

Select Photos

You can upload photos to our website, so they're easier to sort through. The simple folder interface lets you collect your favorites so you can further narrow your choices to make the perfect card. Once you've picked a few images, it's time to look at how you want to display them.

Choose a Layout

What do you want to show on your Christmas cards this year? Was there a special event where you have a lot of pictures? Did you and your family stage a photo together? Our rustic Christmas cards can fit one or more images, depending on what you want to display.

Single-photo options fall into three main categories. There's the full-photo option where any text on the card is small, making the picture the focal point. Cards that are opposite where the text is prominent and your photo serves as a subtle reminder of where the card is coming from. In the middle are cards where text and photo share equal prominence.

Multi-photo options range from two to four or more to create photo collage Christmas cards. There are two main layouts with this kind of card: either all photos have equal or similar prominence or a single photo stands out larger alongside the others. This option works well for large families where it might be hard to pick everyone out of a group shot, so everyone also gets their picture.

It's All at Your Fingertips

All the tools you need are right here on our website. Upload your pictures and organize them in whatever way makes sense to you. Experiment with layouts and colors until you have the perfect country Christmas card. A few clicks of a mouse is all it takes.