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sparkling day 5x7 notepad
Sparkling Day 5x7 Notepad | Custom Notepads
From $14.99 $7.50
More Details Sparkling Day 5x7 Notepad at Shutterfly. Make a stylish, personalized notepad for everyday use. 5x7. 75 sheets. Create yours now.
flourish striped border mug
Flourish Striped Border Ceramic Mug
From $12.0
More Details Flourish Striped Border Mug by Shutterfly. Indulge the chocolate lover with a photo mug filled with premium Ghirardelli chocolates. Personalize a mug for yourself or someone special with your favorite photos in a stylish, exclusive design that's specifically designed for hot beverages. Chocolates arrive wrapped in a gift bag tucked inside the mug.
starburst cutting board
Starburst Cutting Board by Shutterfly
From $31.49
More Details Starburst Cutting Board by Shutterfly. Make an impression with a custom cutting board engraved with a thoughtful message.

Personalized Employee Recognition Gifts Boost Morale in the Office

Many employees work hard at their jobs, but even the best employees can lose morale if they think they are not valued in the workplace. Employee recognition gifts are a simple and great way to show your most stellar employees that you recognize their efforts and appreciate all they do to make your business a success. Even a small gift can do wonders to raise morale and motivate, but try to personalize it further with these ideas available from Shutterfly.

Make a Display

If you can get your hands on some photos of the employee, particularly hard at work, then create a display that can be placed either on a desk or hung on a wall. Customize a photo frame with wording expressing your gratitude. Create a photo collage that mixes pictures of the employee with words about his or her hard work. You can even make a desktop plaque that formally states a recognition of the employee’s dedication for the past years.

Make It Useful

You can also go the practical route and think of something your employees might find useful to have around the office. If your employees spend a lot of time at the computer, a mouse pad might be useful. If they take a lot of notes or need to keep track of deadlines, then personalize a notepad or make a lovely wall calendar. Just make sure you include words of recognition of their hard work either on the gift itself or with an attached card.

Make It Memorable

Employee recognition gifts should show some thought. If you’re going to really boost motivation and make sure your employees feel appreciated, then add a personal touch to the gift you select. A recognition gift goes above and beyond mere appreciation. Consider the efforts and time your hardest working employees have put into your business, and choose one of the many expressive gift ideas available from Shutterfly.