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Nautical Christmas Cards

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Shimmering Flurries 6x8 Stationery Card by Yours Truly
From $2.28 $1.46
More Details Shimmering Flurries 6x8 Stationery Card by Yours Truly. Send a Christmas card friends and family will love. Add your own greeting and everyone's names. There's room for more photos and wishes on the back, too.

Impress Recipients with Elegant Nautical Christmas Cards

Stylish, themed Christmas cards are automatic extensions of your personality and passions. If you’ve always felt more at home while on the water instead of when your feet are touching dry land, nautical Christmas cards can be appealing options.

Explore nautical Christmas card designs featuring gorgeous colors and eye-catching fonts. Customize the front with a worthy photo, such as one captured during the long-awaited sailing trip you took last year or when your family went to a submarine museum during a summer vacation. Also, look for options with notable touches, like foil-stamped holiday cards that glimmer as the light hits them.

Keep Track of Holiday Responsibilities With Custom Notepads

The holidays associated with the end of the year bring extra tasks with them that usually aren’t on your agenda during other times of the year. In addition to making a list of recipients for Christmas cards, you may volunteer to help sew costumes for your church’s nativity play or volunteer to serve hot food for the homeless.

Stay on top of all those obligations and maintain a clear head by jotting down to-do lists on handy notepads. Find customized green notepads that remind you of pine trees and holly leaves.

Thank a Member of the Navy for Steadfast Service

An appreciation for nautically themed stationery often sparks after a loved one signs up to serve the country through the Navy. Shutterfly has personalized products that make it easy to show warm gratitude to someone you know who’s part of the Navy and coming home for the holidays.

Go with a heart-shaped paperweight, a quilt bearing the recognizable image of a favorite photograph or numerous other appropriate gifts. Whether you want something decorative, practical or both, it’s rewarding to shop for military service members and remind them they have your full support.

Depend on Shutterfly this holiday season and simplify Christmas-related duties. We do our best to make shopping for presents, cards and other necessities fast and fun.