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Elephant And Zebra Wood Wall Art | Wall Decor
From $107.99
More Details Elephant And Zebra Wood Wall Art by Shutterfly. Add a natural touch to your wall decor with stunning wood wall art.

Feathering Your Nest and Decorating Your Nursery  

Every parent knows that around the time you are about to welcome a new baby into your life, you may find yourself in serious nesting mode. Take advantage of this time to decorate your nursery with fun accessories for baby. These decorations can be gender-neutral, if you don’t know whether the baby is a boy or a girl yet, or themed to match with a Disney prince or princess nursery, a jungle or zoo nursery or even a family-oriented room covered with pictures of mom, dad, siblings and other family members.

Wall Art for Baby and Parents

Having visual stimulation on the walls of your nursery is important for a couple of reasons. Baby will become familiar with shapes, colors, and figures through looking at their own walls and whatever they are surrounded by in those early months of life. Plus, let’s face it, you may spend a good deal of your own time gazing at your nursery walls during those late night feeding sessions or diaper changes. You can always update and replace your nursery wall art according to the seasons, your baby’s growing and changing interests and your mood or desires. If you prefer wall art that may help keep you thinking and alert during the wee hours of the night, personalize an interactive family tree or adventure map.

Wall Art for Every Season

Customizing your nursery’s wall art for your favorite holidays throughout the year is a great way to keep baby’s room looking fresh and festive.