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A Coral and Teal Wedding Style

Many brides of today are experimenting with unique color combinations that help their wedding celebration stand out. Instead of choosing one single color as their signature wedding look, these brides are opting for a pair of colors that complement each other. One hot combination that is ripe for the upcoming wedding season is coral and teal. The brightness of the coral pink along with the rich teal blue make for an eye catching wedding look. There are many different options for teal wedding invitations to help brides get started on their planning.

Pair These Complementary Colors

With coral and teal, it’s important to choose one of these colors as the main or base shade and the other as a highlight color. Teal offers brides more options for products and dresses, so it’s best to choose this color as the signature hue for a wedding. After the bride picks her favorite look for her wedding gown, she can incorporate a few details in her apparel using teal. Since most brides opt for something blue, teal can fit the bill. A pair of teal heels under her dress give her a subtle blue accessory. There’s also the possibility of wearing a piece of jewelry she can personalize with shades of teal and her wedding details for the big day. Teal also gives bridesmaids a beautiful glow when used as the color of their dresses.

Paint the Wedding’s Look

Once all of the teal coloring has been set, next, it’s time to add pops of coral accents to complete the look. This shade of pink is best for the floral design. There are many different floral species that come in coral or shades that are similar to it. Centerpieces, bouquets and more can shine brighter in this perfect pink. For dessert, sprinkle bursts of coral color on the cake design and additional dessert offerings. A coral and teal self service candy bar is a great ending to a stylish event. Label each candy container by adhering stickers, and customize with the exact details.