Step By Step Instructions
Step by step instructions

1. Create an Account/Sign in

  1. Visit and set up a free Shutterfly account or

  2. Log into your Shutterfly account

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  • Shutterfly NEVER deletes any images or your projects

2. Add/Upload Images into your Account

  1. Select “Add pictures” tab and follow instructions to upload images from computer into online album

Add/Upload Images into your Account

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  • First consult the How to print Your Digital Scrapbook guide for exact sizing of pages, covers, and spine

  • Templates are available for download as guides

  • Images should be in .jpg format

  • Recommended image size is 300dpi/RGB color mode (note: turn off VividPics®)

Turn off VividPics®

Turn off VividPics®

Turn off Easy Crop

Turn off Easy Crop

   Please note: At this time, the new book size feature does not
   work with digital scrapbook layouts.

3. Select Photo Book Size/Select Print My Digital Scrapbook Occasion

  1. From My Shutterfly, select “Photo Books” from “My Projects”

  2. Select “Print Your Digital Scrapbook” from the list of occasions

    Select Photo Book Size

  3. Select Photo Book size

  4. Select “Get Started” to begin

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  • Available in following sizes: 12×12, 8×11, 8×8, 7×9, and 5×7

  • Specs for each book size are different

4. Get Images

  1. Select “Get pictures” to use in your book

    Get Images

  2. Select desired .jpg images from your Shutterfly albums (by the entire album or selected images)

  3. Select “Add selected pictures” (images will appear in filmstrip thumbnail below layout)

    Shutterfly Recommends:

  • It is critical to upload images into album using the specs provided to attain optimal results

  • Upload images in the order desired in the finished book to make the creation process quicker

  • Images may appear cropped in the filmstrip thumbnails; this is NOT representative of the final product. Use preview mode to get an accurate rendering of the final printed product

5. Drag and Drop Images into Pages

  1. Confirm you are in the edit “Pages” mode from the tabs on top

  2. Drag and drop images from filmstrip into each page of the Digital Scrapbook

    Shutterfly Recommends:

  • Photo books require a minimum 20 pages to complete a book

  • Also available are Shutterfly’s pre-designed layouts with individual photos and text boxes
Drag and Drop Images into Pages

6. Drag and Drop Images into Cover and Spine

  1. Confirm you are in the edit “Cover” mode from the tabs on top

  2. Drag and drop images from filmstrip into cover and spine

    Shutterfly Recommends:

  • 12×12 and 8×8 covers and spine specs are different
Drag and Drop Images into Cover and Spine

7. Preview

  1. Click “Preview” from the tabs on top to review your completed Digital Scrapbook

    Shutterfly Recommends:

  • Please check thoroughly each page, cover, and spine as the Preview is exactly how your Digital Scrapbook will print

  • Changes (adjustments in positioning etc.) should be made to the original image, re-uploaded into album, and then into your project (steps 2, 4-7)

  • Remember to preview again

8. Order

  1. Click “Next” to order your completed Digital Scrapbook