Shutterfly Open API  |  Sample Program in Java

Welcome to the Sample Program in Java for the Shutterfly Open API. You can run it in one of two modes:

  1. From a Java command line.
  2. From the form below.

The two modes use the same Java source code. To view the source, download this .zip file; open it and look in the 'src' directory.

The two modes do the same things, except for one difference:

The rest of this page is for exercising the Sample Program in its browser mode. It will be run from this JSP, hosted at Shutterfly. You may be asked to enter certain parameters; fields marked with * are required. When you press 'Go', the JSP will call Interactive Sign-in, which will redirect your browser to Shutterfly signup/signin. After you sign in (or, if you were already signed in), you will automatically see the next part of the Sample Program.

Sign up as a developer and create an app to get this!

Sign up as a developer and create an app to get this!

(optional - your app's name for the user, possibly different from her Shutterfly signin)
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