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The Shutterfly Album API provides access to Shutterfly album content, including image URLs. Information such as album title/description and image title/description are expressed in Atom XML.

Call Signature

Application ID and call signature are required. Please see Call Signature documentation for more details.

Resource Path

This API uses the following resource path element:

  • /albumid - often paired with a Shutterfly album ID
    • Example: /albumid/67b0de21eca5f8fff4cd

It should appear in combination with one of its parents:

  • User Data API - Example:
    • /user/
    • /userid/9AcOGbho5ZA/albumid/67b0de21eca5f8fff4cd
  • Folder Data API - Example:
    • /user/
    • /userid/9AcOGbho5ZA/folderid/00005678/albumid/67b0de21eca5f8fff4cd


  • POST - Creates a new user album.
  • GET - Gets album data or listing of albums.
  • PUT - Updates a user album.
  • DELETE - Delete an existing album for this user.




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Method: POST

Method: GET

Method: PUT

Method: DELETE

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a limit to the number of images in an album?
No. Some albums may have thousands of images, or more.
What order are the images listed in?
The end user controls the order, using the Shutterfly web site. By default, images will be in reverse-upload order, or "newest first".
Why are there image entries in the album API? Isn't that inconsistent with the user data API?
Yes, and it will probably be deprecated in the future in favor of a separate image query like albumid/XXX/image. In the meantime, you can specify the parameter "category-type=image" on your albumid/XXX request. If you do that, the output above will not change if and when we add an album image API.

Image Access

Can I systematically build image URLs, starting with an album URL?
Not at this time. Use the image URLs provided in the image entry.
What is the access control on a given image URL?
None at this time, which means you should be careful about distributing image URLs, because anyone who knows the URL can view the image. Shutterfly reserves the right to block access to images by abusive sites.
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