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This page lets you explore the Shutterfly Open API in a generic sense. It can assist you with call signature and, optionally, with user authentication. Outside of these functions, though, it does little: you must supply the URL path of the API, copy and paste your own XML to post, etc. This is useful in two scenarios: if Shutterfly hasn't developed an API explorer specifically for the API in question, or if you want to test out a particular XML without the constraints of Shutterfly spelling out the exact inputs (for example, perhaps you have a stored user authentication token but do not have the user's email/password).

This page is for TESTING ONLY and subject to change without notice. Fields marked with * are required.

Part 1: App ID, signature details

Sign up as a developer and create an app to get this!

Sign up as a developer and create an app to get this!

Blank == SHA1. Example: MD5

Blank == Sfly current time. Example: 2009-10-21T01:29:32.000+03:00

Part 2: User authentication

This section is optional because not all Shutterfly APIs require user authentication, although most do. Enter whatever you have of the following:

  1. User e-mail by itself. (works for Seamless Sign-In; the user must have already granted permission to your app ID)
  2. User e-mail, plus password. (makes the system dynamically generate a new user auth token)
  3. User authentication token, by itself. (one that you know from a recent call)
  4. User token, by itself. (again for Seamless Sign-in if that applies)

Part 3: Path

Omit server name. Omit URL parameters. Example: /user/

If any. Omit call signature parameters; they will be generated for you.
NOT URL-encoded, yet. No initial ? - Example: category-term=folder,album&et=cetera

Part 4: POST Content

These fields apply only if your Method (above) is POST or PUT.

Examples: text/plain, application/atom+xml, application/x-www-form-urlencoded (should be rare), etc.
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